Monday, August 27, 2012

Some updates

Bulleted list today, my friends. I'm feeling lazy.
  • Every other Thursday we do a swim/bike brick out at Jordan Lake. This is great open water practice and we get a quick little bike ride in before heading to Tyler's Taproom for eats and drinks. I was semi-motivated and actually worked the swim. It was fun having my friend Alysia out there to push me in the water. She is moving away in the coming months and I have to bank all the Alysia time I can *sob*
  • I took what just might be the cutest baby picture ever last week:

  • Logan is very funny when he sees one of his stuffed animals - his face lights up and he immediately starts crawling towards them to play. But poor Tassie is so confused.  I saw her walking around with Cookie Monster in her mouth the other day and Marty found Eeyore on her bed. Logan also doesn't quite get it as I caught him gumming Tassie's disgusting stuffed turkey.
  • We all went to Marty's first cross country meet this past Saturday. His team is really big. One of the parents said that the word is out at the school that the cross country coach is a lot of fun. Here is Logan trying to get away from me at the meet.

  • After the meet we drove down to Ocean Isle Beach to meet up with Kari/Bobby and Alysia/Jimmy for some beach time.  After several beers it was discovered that we all have super powers that should clearly be written about and optioned into a movie. I don't want to give it all away, but here are just a couple of the main characters: Asper-Man, Voice-Boy & Food Face.


Jennifer Harrison said...

Logan is so so so cute. :) so cute.

Donna said...

That is a wonderful happy picture!