Monday, August 13, 2012

Logan 8 month update

Logan turned 8 months old yesterday. It really is true when they say time's an interesting phenomenon as when he was very little I was thinking that it was ALL LIES! But now I can sit here and think, I can barely remember him being that little! (FYI, we went to dinner with some friends who have a 2 month old). And I guess it's at this point when a lot of people start to contemplate having another. I can totally understand as I'm already not clearly remembering the first several weeks and gosh shouldn't Logan have a sibling?

The answer right now (from my end, anyways) is no. I do have a lot of guilt over this, though.

But oh yeah, this is supposed to be a Logan progress report of sorts. He is full speed ahead mobile.  For the past month he had been pseudo-mobile. Meaning, he was not able to crawl forward, but was very good at going in a circle because he hadn't quite figured out how to add his legs into the mix.  Then one day (Aug 1 to be exact) he figured it out. And the gloves were off. He is fast! And now all of the sudden he has started to pull himself up to a standing position (although he still needs some help with his balance). He really likes to bounce so once he gets into this position he collapses his knees in effort to try and bounce himself, which he obviously can't successfully do.

He has two teeth right now, and no others poking through. I'm glad because teething is not so fun. Plus, I love his toothless smile.

We've still been doing a bit of cry-it-out, but more for naps then at night. Marty started going into his room late (since he tends to stay up late) and giving him a bottle. This is commonly known as a dream-feed I believe, and it was working really well. He would then sleep the rest of the night and the dream-feed was very easy and he never really woke up. He's since experimented with not giving him this bottle and he does still sleep through the night, he just gets up a bit earlier. So I sort of like that late night bottle because that way he sleeps longer.  I doubt this is a long term solution, but it works for right now.

He's doing great with eating baby food, and loves puffs and mum-mums which keep him very entertained when we go out to dinner.  He naps well at home but not at daycare. I get his sheet every day and the kid barely naps at all. I think there is just so much going on there and he has too much fun. They also lovingly say that he is very nosey so I think he is intent on seeing what all the other kids are doing (and probably trying to do it himself).

They also told me he likes to hang out with the 'older' kids in his class and likes to pull the girls ponytails. The other day one of the teacher's told me they were taking pictures of the babies for the bulletin board and Logan was literally leaning into other kids pictures trying to also be in it. Too funny.


Donna said...

Oh my goodness! He sounds hilarious! He just loves the camera! His daddy didn't nap well at this age at all, but that was all at home. I'm glad Logan does nap at home. They need that sleep!

Angela and David said...

Sounds like he's doing great. And with sleeping, I saw do WHATEVER works to get your through the night. I'm starting to get desperate.