Monday, April 30, 2012

Race Report!! Riverwood Golf & Athletic Club Triathlon

Please help Team Victorious Secret get back on the podium on our quest for REDEMPTION in the Doughman race! Click this link to donate to a local Durham charity and get us a head start.

My first triathlon in a year and first race post-Logan is in the books.  My last triathlon (where I was 7-8 weeks pregnant with Logan) was almost 1 year previous at the Triangle Orthopedic Sprint. I did a couple of 5K's and open water swims while pregnant but I wouldn't really say they were races so they don't really count. Here are the results if you'd rather just see them and not hear me blah blah blah about the race.

Last year I decided that the Riverwood Sprint Triathlon would be a great first race back. It was a small race, with a pool swim, that was geared more towards beginners.  Sign me up. Marty did and put in a really fast pool time which 'earned' me the right to start the race in first position. Let's be clear about something - my swim stinks right now.  While pregnant I kept swimming, but pretty much just splashed around and since having Logan I haven't been swimming all that much. Swimming has never been my forte and I'm getting to the pool about 3 times every 2 weeks - this leads to a competent swim, but by no means fast. Anyways, my biggest concern was getting passed in the pool, but luckily the guy behind me was around my speed so in the end I exited the pool still in first position.  I hit the wall in just under 4:00 so for 300 yards that is right around 1:20 pace.  Oh yeah.

But back up. Racing a triathlon with a baby in tow adds a whole new element to everything. Triathlon is already very gear intensive and then add in a baby and you've got a whole bunch of crap to pack up.  I did most of this on Friday so I didn't have to worry about it in the morning.  Then of course I have to add in time to pump. Then I got ready, ate, did last minute prep and then got Logan up. Poor kid, who wants to get woken up from a deep sleep at 5:30 am? We were sort of hoping we could transport him right to the car and head out but he wanted to EAT.

We made it to the site in plenty of time, and I had already picked up my packet so no worries there. I had to make sure to fit in another pumping session because I wanted to be sure everything was out before the race. So maybe this is TMI but it's my life right now and it's quite a commitment! But since we're on the subject, this milk factory is beginning it's shutdown this month. My goal was to breastfeed for 6 months which would be Jun 12 -- and I have a bunch stored so I should get there. I am so ready to be done though, and can't wait until I am. Breastfeeding is great and I applaud women who manage to do it for the whole year but I am so over it and will be glad to be done.
Back to the race. My friend and athlete Cari decided to race at the last minute and it was fun to have her right next to me on the rack and in the pool to warmup. It was also handy since she had an extra cap for me when mine broke right when I went to put it on. I did a short jog warm up and the calf felt okay - a bit tight but not debillitating.

So I already talked about the swim. The mat for the split was far away so all the swim times look about :30 slower then they really are. My transition was fine and I decided to put on socks since it was a bit chilly (mid-50's). I always put them on for the run anyways. The 14 mile bike was through rural country roads and it was a bit hilly on the second half.  I felt all right - again, my training is super low and my intensity is pretty much non existent so I was very surprised to have the fastest bike time.  I had cut my finger the day before and it had opened up and was bleeding all over my hand so I was more concerned about whether or not I had wiped my face with it and now had blood all over myself.  If Cari caught up to me I was going to ask her to take a look -- but she never did. So yeah, I can't say I was too focused while I was out there. There were a few hills at the end and I just remember thinking, ooh, these are sort of hard I think I will back off.  Race pace also doesn't exist yet :)

Onto the run and this is what I was most worried about since this stupid calf injury has cropped up. Not only had I not been running very much but I had pretty much done only one workout (on the Thursday before the race). Luckily, the calf held up. It was tight but not bad. The run course was nice, on a greenway along a river for a bit, then into a neighborhood and back on another greenway.  It was hilly coming back so definitely not a fast course. The last hill before the finish line was a killer and it was impossible to get your speed back up after it. 

I can't complain about winning the race - it was so fun and I'm so happy to be back out there. Of course, I'm nowhere near where I was once but I wouldn't expect to be.
And now, pictures.

Getting some extra sleep the night before.

Heading off to set up my junk.

Gearing up to cheer me on
Swim start
Swim finish

Off the bike
Please, calf, don't hurt!

Glad to be done with the hills

Family portrait. Where's Logan?

Getting my award

Best cheering section ever

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Two posts in two days!

Please help Team Victorious Secret get back on the podium on our quest for REDEMPTION in the Doughman race! Click this link to donate to a local Durham charity and get us a head start.

I know, it's crazy I'm actually writing another blog post. But this is just a Logan quickie for the family. 4 month stats: (he's 6 days older than 4 months, but this is when he had his checkup).

Weight: 14lbs 7.5oz (26th percentile)
Height: 25.5 inches (62nd percentile)
Head circumference: 17 inches (89th percentile)

I always think he's finally chunking up but apparently not as much as most babies his age. Tall and skinny with a giant head.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

On the Mend

Please help Team Victorious Secret get back on the podium on our quest for REDEMPTION in the Doughman race! Click this link to donate to a local Durham charity and get us a head start.

Well. My calf is starting to cooperate. I've been doing a hodge-podge of things to get it feeling better including: rolling it with The Stick like a mad woman, stretching a lot, wearing my hot pink compression sleeves under all of my pants, playing with my biomechanics and footfalls, sacrificing a live goat, and drinking tonic from a witches handbook.

They seem to be helping and I've now jogged 2 days in a row with very little pain. Now it's onto a crash course of "Bri needs to get fast in less than 6 weeks" so I can help my Doughman team (I will be doing a run leg. I will never, ever do the bike leg there again).

Honestly, I'm just stoked that I can run without pain again, knock on wood. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a runner at heart, and could take or leave biking and swimming when it comes down to it. Just let me run!

Speaking of, I have a triathlon in less than 2 weeks. That is going to be ugly....and I can't wait!!

I signed up with Instagram which allows you to take pictures on your 21st century phone and make the photo look like it was taken a long time ago. Something is wrong with this premise but the pictures look pretty cool, so I won't dwell on it too much. I'm just learning and here are my first ones:

Logan sleeping in my arms:

Tassie! We haven't forgotten about our daughter.

Logan trying to hold onto his bottle.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Redemption is our theme this year for Doughman. Our outfits are almost set and we are getting excited to compete in this crazy relay event. We are once again raising money to get a time bonus (and the money goes to a local Durham charity Seeds)

$250 gets us 2 minute head start and $1,000 gets a 5 minute head start. We're aiming low this year and going to try for at least the 2 minute time bonus so if any of you want to help us and the charity out please click this link! You can also find out all about the race and the charity at that site. Anything will help - we really want to get back on the podium again!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Logan rolls over

Hey, when you're not quite 4 months old, this is a big accomplishment.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Back to Normal

Things have settled down. Logan is almost all better; he still has a bit of a lingering cough but it's not as often and he's eating like a total pig again which is great (even though that means every time we turn around we're feeding him). At 4 months we can try and feed him some 'real' food (rice cereal) so we went ahead and bought some to try maybe this week (he's 16 weeks). After several nights in a row where he woke up in a coughing fit, he seems to be back to sleeping like a champ. Marty put him to bed last night at 8:30 while I was swimming and he's still sleeping now at 7:00 am. Dude can sleep.

He smiles A LOT, but it's so hard to get a picture of it! He's all smile smile smile and then you hold the camera up and he's so serious. We got a bit of video here of him with some small smiles.

On the workout front - eh. I feel like a joe-shmoe fitness person right now. I typically get one workout in a day, but sometimes not, so I'm maybe getting 5 workouts in a week. 5 workouts a week does not a good triathlete make. I jogged on Thursday for 1.5 miles and then again on Sunday for 30min and didn't have any calf pain so I'm hoping I'm over that and can start running again for realz. I've signed up for another triathlon in less than 3 weeks so that is sort of scary.

Monday night Masters works good with my schedule. Sometimes we swim and sometimes we practice synchronized swimming.

We also offer several group workouts during the week for our athletes so I lead those when I can - mostly it's been the biking workouts when I can since running has been non-existent. I'm also trying to make Friday morning masters - Logan comes with.

There are certainly ways in which I could be training more. But a lot of times when push comes to shove, I'd rather hang out with Logan and Marty. I know I'm not going to get these experiences back because he'll grow up so fast (he already is!) and triathlon and racing will always be there. For instance, I could've ridden my bike on Sunday afternoon but instead we decided to have some quality time at our favorite bar, The Flying Saucer.

We joked that if Logan gets a plate on the wall like Marty, we're going to make sure that this picture is in the middle - his first drink at the Saucer! Won't he love that? :)

And before you judge, there were a bunch of kids there on Sunday afternoon.