Monday, August 6, 2012

Lake Logan

What started out earlier this year as a weekend getaway with friends and racing, turned into me driving by myself to race in the Lake Logan sprint triathlon. Here are the results.

I really love this race and venue. It's absolutely beautiful surrounded by mountains with a lake that is always wetsuit legal. There's something about western Carolina that suits me - when I get out there I get this sense of calm and wish I didn't have to leave. Much to Marty's shagrin, I don't feel the same about the beach. I like the beach, but I guess deep down I'm a mountain girl.

Quick race report:

I knew Gail K would be racing, and even in my best shape I have never beaten her. And we all know that I'm not in my best shape now so I was hoping for 2nd. Since this is a small race, the first wave was Open and all men. The swim was only 500 meters and I got totally clobbered at the first buoy. I'm not sure I agree with most of the wave's swim strategy (take it out fast and die, and hit whoever is in your way).

I struggled on the bike, no surprise there. And just to add insult to injury I had to stop twice to fix silly things - I didn't need this added time! First, my back skewer was coming undone. Thankfully, another racer who was passing me told me as he went by. That could've ended ugly. Then I had to stop again to open my back brake pads since after I adjusted the skewer the brake was rubbing. The back wheel on the Cervelo is such a mystery to me.

I felt good on the run, but the split time indicates to me that it was short. I have been tipping the scales with more favorable runs then the other way around over the past few weeks. I'm always happier when I'm healthy and running more.

And here's your token Logan photo.

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That's my "mountain" girl :)