Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lots going on

Things that have happened since I last updated:
  • We bought a house – same general area but I am now only a 4 min drive away from the Kari Mayhew. Next up will be selling our current house.
  • We went on vacation to the Jersey Shore, which I actually hate saying because everyone thinks of the awful MTV show.  We rented a house in Ocean Grove which is a quiet, super cute little beach town. It was lots of fun and Logan has said he wants a beach house. We’ll get right on that, kid. We might be able to afford that once you are no longer in daycare.
  • I did a sprint triathlon, which was quite a disaster in reality, but at least I didn’t end up in the hospital or throwing up across the line as some others. 
  • Logan gets more and more verbal each day and it’s quite amazing to hear what will come out of his mouth. Here are some recent favorites: 
    •  What’s that? X 1,000 – literally, we have hit that stage where he asks what everything is.
    •   What doing, Mommy? Or What doing, Daddy? Again, all the time.  He started saying this suspiciously to me last week when he would wake up from his nap and find me in the living room with cartoons on.
    • No, my do it! – he is getting quite independent
    • He calls any type of dessert item ‘Happy Birthday’ which is quite adorable (except when I ask him what he wants for breakfast and he responds with ‘Happy Birthday’ and then gets mad that I won’t let him).  On our drive back to NC on Sunday we asked him what his favorite part of vacation was and he said, “Ummmmmm, happy birthday!” I guess he did get a lot of treats during the week.
    • He is obsessed with cars.  OBSESSED.  Other moms have said to me, oh yeah, so-and-so loved cars too, but I have yet to meet another little boy at this point that wants to play with cars as much as Logan.  Even at the beach he was constantly playing with cars, and every little kid would get a car courtesy of Logan so they would play with them. But inevitably, after a short time the other child loses interest and wants to do something else.  Logan is content playing with cars anywhere, which is really quite great sometimes for us.  If you begin to watch, a lot of pictures include cars in his hand.
  • Today is Tassie’s birthday – 8 years old!!  
  • And now, pics from our vacation:

  • At the bounce house

    Enjoying some happy birthday

    Burying legs

    The weather was great, the water was freezing

    Beach day every day

    Favorite beach game: throw the ball into the waves

    Some of the houses in Ocean Grove

    Getting ready to watch the last lifeguard competition: the very exciting Beach Flags!

    They all start face down, lying down. Whistle blows and sprint 60 yards and grab a flag. Like musical chairs, there is one less flag then people.

    On the Ocean Grove boardwalk looking toward Asbury Park (any Bruce Springsteen fans out there?)

    Heading toward the beach Saturday morning to watch Daddy in a biathlon (or aquathon)

    Lucky shot, right in the middle of the pic

    Marty ran super fast and was 6th heading into the water

    He finished in 5th place

    Logan and his trophy

    Dinner in Asbury Park

    Happy Birthday, Tassie!