Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Local Sprint

We keep it busy around here. Friday evening we met some friends out at The Triangle Wine & Beer Company where they were tapping a bunch of different Sam Adam's brews (one's I had never had - like their yummy Chocolate Bock). Logan did pretty good in the Baby Bjorn and there were a surprising number of babies/kids there (someone was even carrying around their little dog, I guess that sort of counts). 

Saturday morning was the Harris Lake Nuclear Swim, our 4th of 5 open water swims in the Triangle Open Water swim series. We definitely appreciate when competitors thank us for putting these on as they are quite a bit of work - especially for Marty who is pretty much working nonstop right now.  I'm glad we can bring open water swim events to the area, and I hope they continue to be pretty popular. 

I didn't race since I was doing a local sprint the next morning in Fuquay-Varina.  Yup, that is the name of the city, and no you shouldn't be pronouncing a bad word when you say it. I know when we first moved here we were a little unsure, but it sounds like this: few-quay. Anyways, Tri the Worx (link to results) is in Setup's TrySports series. You can qualify for series prizes if you do 4 races and this would be my 4th. The top 3 in the series get money so that will be a nice little award to get at the end of the season. 

Another pool swim/time trial start and pretty much by myself for the entire race except for when Justin Smith passed me 1 mile into the bike. The run from the pool to the transition was about as long as the swim itself. The bike was rolling and short (11.4 miles) and the run, once again, was short. There's just no way I'm in shape to run a 18:30. Plus, they had a 2.5 mile mark and then we were at the finish line not long after. Marty whined, literally whined, when I told him it was short, "why can't I ever do these short races?!"

My calves both cramped at mile 2 and I'm hoping it's no big deal. They had been behaving so well the past month or so. So I was lucky enough to pull off another win which is always fun and I got some pretty good schwag to boot.

I know a lot of people who were off racing at USAT Nationals and 70.3's - much bigger deals then my little race.  I love competing and this year local races are where it's at for us.  Maybe down the road we'll be back at the big one's but for now we'll happily sleep in our own bed and tool around with Logan at all these NC races.


Beth said...

Congrats on another win Bri!! I'm glad you provided the pronunciation of that!!

I think the people where you live are so lucky to have you guys putting on the OWS race series. That is such awesome experience and I wish we had more in Pittsburgh!!

Angela said...

Glad you've been able to get back into the swing of things, even if it's the little local ones..makes a big difference. Great race.

Steve said...

Congrats. You may not be traveling all over, but you are still able to have fun, and yay for that. :)