Friday, October 29, 2010

FSU v NC State

The Thursday night college football game shown on ESPN was FSU v NC State which was right here in Raleigh. One of Marty's athlete's gave us (awesome) tickets, and with the stadium only 15min from our house, we were there!

We hit up the Triangle Seminole Club tailgate first. I was warming up my tomahawk chop after downing some Carolina barbeque.

The Super Noles came by so I had to get a photo op with them. They were flexing so hard in this picture, they were literally shaking.

Most of you know, I didn't actually go to FSU - Marty did. But I cheer for them as if I did go there. Although our seats were fantastic, we were surrounded by Wolfpack fans - and they weren't necessarily the nicest fans I've ever been around.

We did some surreptious chopping and high fiving, but we didn't want to upset the rednecks local fans too much. We didn't end up staying until the end of the game (thank goodness!)

Any Wolfpack fans out there? Is it really necessary to have a permanent sign behind every toilet in the restroom that reads: Please do not throw liquor bottles down the toilet.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Take 2

Today I found myself in the same predicament as last week - but this time I had a plan: youtube.

First, I have to tell you all, dear readers, that I it made me feel much better about myself when I found out that many of you out there also had trouble getting your back wheel on if it had horizontal dropouts. Thanks for commenting.

And for those of you who rolled your eyes and called me an incompetent little girl, thanks for not commenting ;)

ANYWAYS, I youtubed as suggested and found video to help me. The internet is an incredible place. Thanks, Mr. Gore!

And here is photographic proof that I succeeded. Much less soap was needed this time around.

Friday, October 22, 2010

NC State Fair

You might be at the North Carolina State Fair if

You have this conversation:

Me: "Whoah. Did you see that lady with the massive mullet?
Kari/Alysia: "No. Where?"
Me: "Behind us. In the NASCAR jacket."

This was year 3 for me at the fair, and once again it didn't disappoint.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer

I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent human being. However, last night after spending 30min trying to get my back wheel back onto my bike, I felt like I was the lowest common denominator of intellectual organisms. In other words, the neon tetras in our fish tank were mocking me. I gave them the finger.

I can handle most basic bike maintenance issues – pumping tires (training and race wheels), changing flats (not the speediest, but I can get it done) – I’ve traveled literally across the world with a bike and can take it apart and put it back together relatively easily (although I have trouble getting the pedals off occasionally. I have a fear that the wrench will fly right into my face when I’m putting unnecessary torque on it). Yesterday, I decided I wanted to ride the bike trainer easy for a short amount of time, basically for as long as it took me to watch something on our DVR. My only problem was I still had the back race wheel on my bike from the triathlon I did a couple of weeks ago.

No problem, also in my bag of tricks is the ability to change my cassette. Marty usually does this for me because I give him puppy dog eyes which are equivalent to kryptonite to him, but alas, he was out coaching his high school cross country team in their conference championship. Time to step up and take matters into my own hands.

Now remember, I got my new bike at the end June, and have yet to mess with anything on it. This means I hadn’t taken the back wheel off by myself (see ‘Marty’ and ‘puppy dog eyes’ from above). Got the cassette changed no problem. The issue came when I had to get the back wheel back onto my bike. WTF. This does not look like my Felt. Nor does it act like my Felt. Oh I miss my Felt. Why did I ever sell it and buy this hunk of crap? It doesn’t even look remotely possible that the back wheel can fit back on the bike with the chain in the correct place.

Why am I so stupid??!! !@*$!!%*!

EVERYONE owns a Cervelo. I’m sure THEY can get their back wheel on. Why can I not figure out how to get this back on there?! I graduated as the Salutatorian of my high school for god’s sake. That has to count for something, right? Right?

Apparently not as I ended up sending Marty this picture with a caption that read something like this.

How the f do I get the back wheel on this bike.

My other hand looked similar but I couldn’t figure out how to take a picture of both hands. Tassie was too embarrassed by my stupidity to help me out. Traitor.

I decided not to ride last night. Or perhaps I should rephrase, I did not ride last night because my bike refused to wear it's back wheel.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Keeping Myself Busy

I got over my head cold fairly quick. Fairly quickly? Whatever. Went for an easy run last Tuesday and my calf started killing me halfway through - guess it was my body's way of telling me to give it a break. I just can't help myself when it's so nice out. I just want to run!

I did swim twice last week. I really like going to Master's, it has nothing to do with actual training at this point. Marty had us do some crazy sets that had wall pushouts, and treading water with our hands out of the water, and block starts. Nas forced me to dive off the blocks instead of the side of the pool. I'm happy to report that I didn't have any belly flops and never lost my goggles.

Marty flew to Atlantic City on Friday afternoon, and I drove down to Pinehurst to give a technique clinic after the participant meeting for the triathlon that was happening the next day. Saturday I met Alicia at Umstead for a mountain bike ride on the bridle trails. Beautiful day and good conversation.

This is how Tassie spent most of her Saturday:

Kari and I saw The Social Experiment that night. It was definitely an interesting movie, although I'm not sure how I feel about Facebook. It's kind of nice to just keep your head in the sand sometimes.

This morning Tassie was giving me her puppy dog eyes so I took her for a short 30min run. I donned a compression sleeve for my calf and it actually helped. But now I'm one of those weirdos.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pic and Video from Last Weekend

I thought this picture came out pretty good of me coming into the finish line. I was thinking of maybe buying it, something we rarely do, because I also like the fact that Marty is in the background.

Marty was actually videoing this, so here's his perspective. And special shout out to Benji for saying my name correctly!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do you wear a watch?

Do you wear a watch? If you do, you are old. Yup, apparently, watches aren't cool and young people don't wear them.

This watch is sad, but is he sad because I said he was uncool? Or is he sad because he just realized that only old people wear him? Notice I made the watch male since I'm the blogger. Blogger = woman = cool = not making watch a woman. Or more simply, male = uncool = watch.

For what it's worth, I wear a watch. I've worn one since I was a kid and feel completely naked without one. It's used for keeping time, as a stopwatch, as an alarm, and occasionaly as a timer. It has many uses! Unlike a toaster which is a mostly useless appliance since it is large and can only do one thing, but I digress (we do own a toaster, I just think they are stupid).

I first read about this uncool watch phenomenon back in March, while visiting our friend, Kathy. She had a tongue-in-cheek book about how not to act old and this was one of the items on the list. Apparently, most young people use their cell phones as clocks nowadays.

Marty got further confirmation of this coaching the high school cross country team. He wants his kids to wear a watch so they can track their splits during workouts but most don't wear them. He finally relented and told them they had to have some sort of time piece. About half wear watches and the other half.....hold their cell phones! While they're running - they time themselves with their cell phones.

I think that's uncool. Little whippersnappers. Hrrumph.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Better Race Report

Fall has fallen here in NC. I have no idea if that is a real saying, but you always hear spring has sprung, so thought it might work. After all the rain earlier in the week we now have cool temps in the morning that give way to beautiful sunny afternoons. I love this time of year – it makes me want to run run run!

We had a full weekend – Marty’s Saturday was particularly busy. I did some shopping with Kari where we managed to get a lot of the same clothes…we apparently have very similar taste, although hers is decidedly better so it was good to have feedback. We also had one of my athletes and her husband and their cute puppy staying with us for the weekend since they were all doing one of the Jordan Lake sprints (not the puppy, duh). Tassie was very happy to have a playmate that was not myself or Marty.

In the afternoon I went to packet pickup so I could give a free clinic on race strategy. It went well and then afterwards we had dinner and then into bed. After all, I had a race the next morning! They ran the Men’s sprint on Saturday and the Women’s on Sunday.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I didn’t want to end on my National’s race. I’ve had a lot of time to think about that race and really think I put too much internal pressure on myself – that with the travel and any stress related to it possibly caused me to be more fatigued than I should’ve been. I wasn’t outwardly nervous or anything, and Marty even commented that I seemed very relaxed. I guess I just internalized everything or something. I was talking to a friend of ours who used to live in VA the night after the race and we both lamented about how it was our ‘A’ race and it just didn’t go as planned. He said that whenever he goes to these big races he often gets too nervous and then his legs end up being so tired – I said, that’s exactly how I felt! Anyways, it’s water under the bridge at this point.

Sunday morning came and it was pretty chilly – but more importantly, quite windy! This was a very small race, maybe 150 competitors? We got to park right next to transition and everything was just easy. I knew a lot of people so got to catch up and chat with everyone. There were only two of us racing Open, me and local pro Stacey Richardson, and two Master’s Open (Kerry and Cari) – so there were a wopping 4 of us in the first wave! The water was choppy! We started off and Stacey quickly swam away from me. This past week had already turned into off season, so swimming I was not…I seemed to have lost the fast gear but still had a good swim and came out about 40 seconds behind her. I think we both knew going in that we would both be by ourselves the entire race and just have to time trial everything.

The bike was windy, and it took me awhile to get warmed up. I knew Stacey would put more time into me here as she is a powerful cyclist. My only chance would be to hopefully grab back some time on the run so our distance apart wasn’t TOO embarrassing. I felt great on the run! Like myself again! And the run was extremely challenging – it was similar to the Duke Half course, but we went right after the big hill which was ANOTHER hilly road. It’s all off road back there but I like that. Anyways, it may have been a tad short because my watch read 18:59 upon finishing (19:00 if you go by their timing, which I’m not!). Stacey ended up beating me by just over a minute, so that’s a total win for me! :) And most important – it was very fun and I’m happy to end on this note. Here are results. Also, thanks to Angela and Tim for coming out there to cheer for everyone!

Dang, I look huge compared to tiny Stacey!

Master’s Showdown…One More Time
My nemesis, Erik, who has been featured on this blog before when talking about the open water swims, was doing his first triathlon the day before at the men’s event. Now, it’s extremely hard to compare times from different days – who knows if they set the buoys out the same distance, weather conditions (the race director said that the women had it choppier), and swimming attire (I wore a wetsuit, he didn’t) but seriously here our swim times. This is getting creepy!

So whatever, I totally won this round!

Sunday afternoon we had an Oktoberfest party with our Master's team at the very cool house of John-the-Late (who has a complex now and has not been late to a practice in a couple of weeks). Such a fun group of people and great way to end the weekend.