Monday, March 14, 2016

Tobacco Road Half Marathon

Unfortunately, this went a lot worse than expected.  I knew I wasn’t going to have a fast time, as I hadn’t been training fast for this distance, but I was fairly confident that I’d be in the 1:33 – 1:35 range depending on the day.  Spoiler alert, ended up in 1:39 with some pitiful walking and a very hurt quad.

I had certainly done plenty of long runs this winter, as well as harder shorter workouts every Thursday. I’ve been consistent with core work and my training in general, so it’s really incredibly frustrating to have a day like that.  I didn’t feel good at the beginning, but that’s not something to really worry about. But it never got better and my legs just hurt.  You know how some days you have one of those runs that you can’t explain, but you just don’t feel good? Unfortunately, I had to have that day at the race.  Had it been anything other than a race, I would’ve more than likely pulled the plug early because my legs just felt awful.  But it was an out and back so I had to get home somehow.  At mile 10 my upper quad felt like it had a knife in it.  It huuuuuuurt.  I walked a bit but walking is so freaking slow that I just told myself to jog because I would get done quicker.  I have no idea why this happened and after talking to my sister (who’s a PT) she said it might be my TFL or hip flexor. Hopefully, just a mild strain and no big deal that a little rest should take care of.  It’s a strange pain – I can walk pretty okay, but that evening in the car when I tried to put the parking brake on (it’s on the left side closer to the pedals) I literally could not lift my leg and pull it back to do it.  So whatever I did is in a very specific place.

I’m super disappointed and definitely feel like what is the point of all this training and nonsense. Or maybe my body is literally saying, how many different ways do I need to tell you that you are not equipped for long distance? 

But enough of that. Good things:
  • Friends, friends, friends. Going to the race, at the starting line, cheering on the way back in, and post race funnies.
  • Carrie killing it with a 13min pr
  • Seeing Marty and Logan at mile 5ish and 8ish. 
  • Signs on the course that helped: Nobody died of sore legs (huh, wanna bet?). You call this suffering? (alright. True, I’m humbled)
Feeling terrible but happy to see my crew. A bad day running isn't the worst thing in the world.