Wednesday, April 4, 2018

3.5 weeks to go

I felt like I needed to blog about the training that has happened (as this training is never to happen again! Hahahah). Ironman Texas is 3.5 weeks away so the hard stuff is done at this point. And I’m here at the other end of it in one piece and still smiling! I mean for the most part anyways, there were times where I wasn’t smiling. For instance, during round 2 of the triple brick, when it was 42 degrees and we were getting rained on and I was feeling awful – the good news is my initial reaction is all captured on a Go Pro. I’m putting my bike up in the middle of this round and look at the camera: I…….(very long pause. So long you think I might be done talking)….I don’t like this.

But what have I accomplished? Enough to think that I may actually be able to finish this thing.
  • My first 100 mile ride (106 miles to be exact) was amazing because it was mostly flat and had a 10 mph tailwind. Zooooooooom.
  • The next 100 mile ride was imbedded in the aforementioned Triple Brick (yes, that needs to be capitalized). 3x33 mile bike, 30min run. Oh, what, that doesn’t add up to 100? It’s called rounding, bitches!
  • The third was 112.8 miles on a Friday where I needed to burn a vacation day because our weather has been really very crappy. It has been so unseasonably cold here – which is awesome as Texas is most likely going to be 90 degrees. More on that later. This ride had anywhere between 4200 – 4900 ft of climbing depending on who’s Garmin you are looking at. This was not what we wanted, but what you get if you ride long around here.
    • You all should know by now, but when I say “We” or even “I” you need to assume I’m including Carrie because we have literally done about 95% of this training together. Also, this caption from an earlier blog was fortuitous as she may have wanted to kill me at some point this past weekend but, l’m still alive and we are still besties. 

  • The final was 111.7 miles at Beach Camp this past weekend (rounding, bitches).
  • Not one, but two 20 mile runs. Also, a 17 and 18 miler.
  • Swim has been consistent and definitely did a 4200 yard workout (plus many others near there) but I’m not worried about the swim at all. I also don't know why these bullets are not indenting but I'm not spending anymore time trying to figure it out. I also don't know why the next paragraph is two spaces down instead of one.

  • So, the weather. If it’s 40-50 degrees I am confident I will have a good run and nail my nutrition. Because that is literally all I’ve been training in. OF COURSE IT’S NOT GOING TO BE THAT. So who knows what’s going to happen? I will get to that finish line one way or another.

    Tuesday, February 13, 2018

    I'm still doing this Ironman

    A little over 10 weeks to IM Texas, my first (and only) Ironman. I do truly believe I am one and done. With this statement you might think I’m hating everything about this ‘journey’ (blargh I just threw up in my mouth a bit) but I’m actually not. There is something to be said for having a plan and trying to (mostly) go full force in and do what it calls for, even when a lot of it stretches all of your boundaries. If it weren’t for the other ladies, particularly Carrie, there wouldn’t be any way I would be getting all this done. Especially since Mother Nature has been giving us everything she’s got ranging from snow to uber-cold to all weekend rain. There have been many trainer rides, and yeah, I realize we signed up for an early season race but our winters in the south are just not usually that bad.

    I’ve been setting all sorts of PRs: longest trainer ride (4.5hrs), longest run (15 miles), longest outdoor ride (80 miles) and maybe longest swim? (3.9K) That one I’m actually not sure of, but at least longest swim in the past 7 years. All of those, except the trainer ride, are very soon to be eclipsed again (I mean for gods sakes let’s hope that trainer PR doesn’t get any longer). We did get through the whole season of Ozark as well as other movies and shows.

    It’s weird to even begin to explain to other people what I’m training for – obviously people outside the triathlon world. They think I’m straight up crazy, which in all actuality, this endeavor is. Without the full support of Marty, there’s no way I could get all this training in. I literally feel like my world is slightly askew, trying to fit the workouts in. Someone at work asked how long it takes to train for an Ironman and I literally didn’t have an answer for them. I mean, I did my first triathlon when I was 8, so I guess for me 30 years? But some people can do it in 6 months :P

    With 10 weeks to go we haven’t even hit the BIG stuff yet, and that definitely scares me. Sometimes I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread and things will come crumbling down any second. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been sick twice, had some calf strain scares and what is probably a neuroma in my foot. Many days, I’m just hoping I make it to the starting line as doing that seems like a win. And for the record, I’m not trying for a Kona slot, I’m not interested in a Kona slot, and if a miracle happened and I somehow got one (people, 4th place in my age group last year was 10 flat. That is sick fast and I’ve never even run a marathon before) I can’t even imagine taking it. 

    One day at a time, one foot in front of another, one stroke blah de blah blah -- you get the point. 

    Cheers, fools!