Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Doughman 2012

So. This went slightly better then last year, but we continue to have rotten luck at this crazy race. While sitting in a circle post race with my teammates, a Memorial Day beach weekend was brought up for 2013 as opposed to trying our luck at Doughman 2013.  I think we all have a little bit of Doughman burn-out at this point.

The day started early. This was a bit different then your typical race because I have never had to factor in 'make-up time.' In keeping with our goth theme, we were all going to put on crazy dark eye shadow and eyeliner. Then we were going to meet to spray some pink into our dyed black hair.  We were going for angry and scary but we were probably more crazy and laughable.

Just like last year, our amazing family and friends got us to the top fundraising level and we were set with our 5min head start. Thank you thank you thank you!!! There were a total of 6 teams that met this goal, and another 18 teams that raised enough for the 2min head start. All in all, a lot of money was raised for SEEDS, the local charity that helps under privileged kids in Durham.

We took a ton of pictures beforehand knowing that the morning was going to heat up and our makeup would probably be running down our faces and we would quite literally be hot messes.  We had a lot of fun prerace essentially being silly. Unfortunately, our teammate Brooke from the past 2 years couldn't make it as her and her husband were going to be in Denmark. We got Erin, another fast friend to take her place and do the bike portion which was the first leg this year.

The time flew and before we knew it Erin was at the table ready to eat her peanut butter and fluffer nutter sandwich.  There were two huge dudes right near her but that didn't matter - because she freaking ate that sandwich faster than anyone!!  She even surprised herself and looked back at the crowd with a huge smile on her face as she ran to her bike.  Erin is such a stud, not only is she a former swimmer at UNC, an amazing triathlete, but she's also a Type-1 diabetic. She is able to control her insulin with shots and has not let it stop her for one second. Prerace she spoke to Dain who is a sponsor and who's restaurant supplied the sandwiches so she could get a better idea of how much insulin to give herself.

Erin ready to give the boys a beat down

Erin's sandwich
She's made it to the bike course in first place with 2-3 guys hot on her tail. Through the first half of the ride which was very urban with lots of stops, they were all together.  But when they got onto the 2nd half with the longer stretches she took off. She totally dropped the guys and had a police escort stopping traffic for her along the way.  One of the guys she dropped couldn't believe it saying, "Your girl was hammering! She dropped us all!"  At one point, Erin said she felt like she was off course, but quickly shook it off since the police officer was continuing to stop traffic for her....until he turned around confirmed they had gone the wrong way.

Back at transition, we all knew something was wrong quickly.  Two cyclists came back, but we all thought that was fine because some of the teams had literally recruited some great cyclists for their teams. But we also figured that Erin would be very close to them. So as more and more cyclists came in we all thought it had happened again.  One of the cyclists that had been with her confirmed that she had missed a turn and although he tried to yell at her, she didn't hear and kept going.  She thinks she probably went an extra 3 miles. This bike is only 8.5 miles so that's a lot of extra time.

She finally came back and the rest of us still tried to put down our best effort.  Alysia was up next and ate some disgusting vegan taco and then ran 1.8 miles and did the short pool event. She thought she caught 4 people. Kari was our 3rd leg and she ate a fried green tomato sandwich with a big buttery bun and ran 2 miles, passing 2 people. I was the anchor but at this point the teams were so spread out that I didn't see anyone on the course. I ate some sort of Cuban pulled pork sandwich and a fried plantain and then ran 2.3 miles. I tried to push but don't think I ended up running that fast overall.  Alysia and I are definitely not in our best shape right now which does make another year seem enticing...

Alysia looking cute and eating fast

Kari's sandwich, in my opinion, the hardest of the bunch

Anyways, we finished 6th overall. We really feel like we would've been a solid 3rd place if Erin hadn't been led off course. It was still a lot of fun, and Erin made the paper - front page of the local section. 

One thing that is interesting about this race - it has gotten way more competitive.  The top two teams (all guys) are super fast. And overall the teams are faster.  There weren't as many costumes as in years past - more like props instead.  And the food has definitely gotten a lot easier.  The first year Alysia did it, she had to eat a burger with bacon, sweet chili, cheddar, coleslaw and a hot dog on top! That same restaurant this year was Erin's leg - the half pb and marshmallow.  Even 3 years ago Alysia had to eat a sausage hoagie that was really big, but the portions have gotten a lot smaller. I imagine it has to be the cost it takes to make those big meals and then having them ready at transition. The race used to go to the restaurants and now it's at a central location.  We were all discussing all this at our party that night, about how the food used to be an equalizer and a big dude might be able to eat that giant burger faster and handle it better than a skinny runner guy. Now the food is super quick and not much of an issue.  It still took me a couple of minutes to get my food down and the guy who was right ahead of me literally ate it in 20 seconds, so there is that. Anyways, get a few beers in people on a back deck and you can analyze and theorize about anything.

6th place out of 81 teams is not bad. Not what we hoped for, but still a good showing. And we had a ton of fun as usual.

Team Victorious Secret
Erin and I with our game faces on

Alysia and Kari trash talking with Dain
Erin passing off to Alysia

Waiting for my turn, keeping it serious

The last leg of desserts we all split

Post race discussion - are we in for 2013??

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy Busy

Even though traveling with a 5 month old is not ideal, we still all had a lot of fun in Maggie Valley to celebrate our 8th Anniversary.  Tassie included - she loved splashing around in the creek behind the cabin.  We made it into Asheville a couple of times and enjoyed some delicious beer. Unfortunately, we forgot the delicious beer in the fridge when we left, including a growler of Oktoberfest from the Lexington Avenue Brewery which was oh so good. I hope the cleaning crew appreciated it.


You are not allowed to crawl yet!

I'm eating ice cream and Logan is belly-to-the-bar. Ummmmm.

Our little Wolverine

Saturday morning I woke up at 4am to drive to New Bern so I could race in a triathlon that is part of the TrySports series.  The Twin Rivers YMCA Triathlon went well - although it was weird not to know any of the other racers.  I went solo while Marty and Logan held down the fort at home.

Saturday afternoon was spent dying hair and practicing our makeup for Doughman! Like I mentioned in previous posts, we are all about redemption from last years disaster of a race so we are 'angry' and we're 'going goth.'  Gone are our pink costumes with bows and here comes lots of black.  In keeping with the theme, we dyed our hair black and will be spraying in a pink streak for the race.  My hair is already quite dark so the black isn't terribly noticeable, but on Alysia and Kari it is! We'll be taking a lot of pictures so stay tuned to see the whole ensemble.

We are so, so close to getting the 5 minute head start. So far, 3 other teams have gotten that time bonus. We need to raise $1,000 and we are at $820 so if you wanna help us out........click this link!

Tomorrow evening is the first Aquathon if any locals want to have fun doing a low-key cheap event.

Monday, May 14, 2012

What's in a Name?

The Social Security Administration just released the most popular names of 2011. Logan came in at #20, Martin was #262 and Brianne was nowhere to be found. My name hasn't been on the list since 2005, apparently, when it was ranked #994.

Brianna was on the list at #45. BUT THAT'S NOT MY NAME!!! (I may have a slight issue with people adding that 'ah' on the end of my name)

A lot of you know that I was named after my dad, Brian. Marty (Martin Nicholas) is also named after his dad who is from Hungary (Marton Miklos). Logan is Logan Marton. So we're all in the family.

But where did Logan come from? For me, it was always the boy name I liked. Perhaps from my years of reading The Babysitters Club books, I'm not sure. Marty was all aboard because he has always loved Wolverine and his name is Logan. We didn't really have any debate - I think the conversation went something like this:

Me: "I like Logan for a boy."
Marty: "Me too."

If he were a girl I think there would've been more discussion.

In other news, we had our first open water swim race of the Triangle Open Water Swim Series this past Saturday. It was a gorgeous day with calm water and a great temperature (mid-70's). Logan was with me so I wasn't much help at registration; I sort of stood there and ordered people around. Thank god I have great friends who volunteered to help. I am so lucky. 

I did not strap Logan to me so I could swim in the race. We're not at that stage yet ;) I did remember that he actually did do this race last year, though.

Afterwards a handful of us did a nice 40 mile ride on some rolling hills in North Raleigh.  It was fantastic.

Tomorrow we're off to Maggie Valley (all 4 of us) to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary, which is actually tomorrow.

As Marty would say, that is all.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pics and Stuff

White Lake is a popular triathlon weekend in NC so there were lots of pictures floating around taken by friends. Here are a few more:

I like this because you can see Jean and Marty taking a picture and Mary cheering me on

Back pictures are great because there's no chance of an ugly running face
If you have any friends on facebook from NC you probably saw a lot of posts about the recent Amendment that was put to vote on Tuesday. The constitution in our state already bans same sex marriage and this amendment would take it a step further and ban civil unions and domestic partnerships. I find it very embarrassing that it passed. A common 'comic' that was posted from someecards read: "North Carolina: where you can marry your cousin, just not your gay cousin"  Technically, you can marry your 2nd cousin, but whatever. We're not all so backwoods and ignorant in this state, I promise.

And for the family, Logan has a lot of fun in his exersaucer (or as Marty likes to call it, Mission Control) so here's a  short video.

Monday, May 7, 2012

White Lake Sprint Race Report

Marty had signed up for the White Lake Sprint, but since he has yet to run after hurting his foot in the Cary Duathlon I got to take his entry - not happy Marty is hurt but very happy I got to race :)

We had high hopes of going to White Lake on Friday so we could watch the Half on Saturday, but we just couldn't make it happen. Too busy and too worried about having Logan outside in 90 degree heat for hours on end...we drove down Saturday evening instead.

We stayed in a plush trailer with Erik and Andrea. I'm not even joking, this double wide was nice!! Definitely the nicest place we've ever stayed at there. 

When I decided I was going to race this I had an internal debate about whether I should race in the Open/Elite category or age group. I bounced it off Marty who I think half listened and told me to do what I wanted. I've always raced Open in the North Carolina Triathlon Series, but I just am not feeling super speedy right now and didn't want the pressure (which I realize is all self imposed) of starting at the front. I thought it would be more fun to race age group and actually have people around me (the women's open field can be pretty small and get spread out quick).

Here are the results. So you can see that I ended up finishing 2nd overall (to some young stud) and ahead of all the Open girls by just a bit. I sort of feel like a tool for not racing with them as I'm always frustrated when girls don't race open when they should. But looking at the splits I would've had my butt handed to me in the swim and then just started to see people on the run - so that wouldn't have been fun and of course it changes the dynamic of the race. Also, none of my splits are that impressive. My bike is all right, but my swim and run are just kind of eh. I look at them and can't figure out how I got 2nd.

Enough of that analysis! The swim was choppy and wetsuit legal. I didn't really know what I was doing out there and there were kayaks right in the way I guess helping people who weren't doing well in the chop. Even though the wave ahead of us started with a 6min headstart, I still ran into a lot of side stroking men. Got on the bike and felt good. Sort of windy out there but it was fun to keep passing people on the two loop course. Off the bike and onto the run where my legs felt okay but not great. Now that all the little post pregnancy injuries seem to be healed I'm ready to start really running again!

We didn't stick around for awards as the little man and big man were both tired. Next up: DOUGHMAN!! Thanks to all who have donated so far! We have the 2 min lead - can we get the 5 min lead? Maybe! If you'd like to help us get there, please click this link. As you can see, your name will be in lights on the website :)

Heading down with one happy Logan sitting next to me

I have a funny look on my face because I couldn't get by these people - move it!

Logan started off the morning like this

And ended up here

A bit of a sprint to the finish