Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another 6 Weeks

I am feeling sort of huge. 29 weeks. About 2.5 months to go - YIKES!

For a refresher, here I am at 17 and 23 weeks.

I just can't imagine still having 11 weeks to go and how it will look like then.

You may notice the background looks a bit different. The baby room is slowly but surely coming together. You may also notice that my tank top has shrunk. Okay, it didn't really but I don't think I can wear that one in the picture 6 weeks from now.

I did get to hang with my besties this past Saturday.

Why so glum, dude in background?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Random Thoughts

We went to Wilmington last weekend for the Wilmington YMCA triathlon. This was probably the first time I felt a little sad about being on the sidelines this year. The weather was nice and the last time I was here I won and had a solid day. It's hard to think about running that fast in my current state now. Everyone says, "oh you'll get back there" but from where I'm standing it seems so far out of reach. Anyways, Tassie and I watched and cheered and she got all sorts of attention (as per usual) which she looooooooved.

We stayed overnight and watched FSU almost pull out the W over Oklahoma (who didn't look like a #1 team in my opinion). The next morning we ran a swim clinic. We did the first half at Wrightsville Beach where the waves and current were fun. The water temp was probably mid 70's, but the air was a bit chillier so most opted for a wetsuit. It took some squeezing, but I still sort of fit into mine. Marty took a picture since I looked pretty funny in it.

Everything seems to be going smoothly as far as pregnancy is going. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to, but when I go to the Dr's and they ask if I'm having any trouble I can't really come up with anything. I'm sleeping pretty good (getting up to go to the bathroom a lot, but not too much more than normal), my back isn't hurting yet, my weight seems right on (and it looks like I WON'T pass Marty!)...and I passed the glucose test! I was worried since my mom had gestational diabetes and my score was pretty borderline but they said I just squeaked by. Phew.

He is very active in there. I didn't feel him until around 21 weeks or so but he has more than made up for it now. At first it just sort of feels like when your food is digesting, then it is more definite movement and bumping, and now I swear I can feel actual appendages. This morning before I went into work Marty was talking to my belly, "Have a good day in there, Logan!" to which I added, "Yeah, have fun punching mommy all day!"

Last night we had another open water swim practice at Jordan Lake. We've run several of these throughout the summer and have had a lot of fun. After most, people will hop on their bikes for a short time trial but the light is fading so we're probably done with that now. The water temp was around 77 so no need for a wetsuit but you better believe I whined like a little baby getting in. It was fine, though :) I swam some, cut the buoys when necessary, and took a break on the paddle board when I wanted.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A few pics

My sister-in-law, Anna took some pictures at the beach one evening this past weekend.

Marty loves touching and talking to my belly

He also likes to lick me

Me, Marty, Anna, Jamie, Tim, Marton, and little Cate in the front

Anna's funny caption for this: "What are you running from? PARENTHOOD!"

Yesterday we had a 3D ultrasound at the Dr's office. Logan didn't cooperate very much having his arms and hands in front of his face and then totally turning away from the camera no matter how much the technician tried to get him to move. We still got a few shots of face and a good future embarrassing one of him from below. We had to go in for an ultrasound anyways to check on some abnormality that came up earlier in the pregnancy but it had resolved itself (as we were told it would, but they still feel the need to freak you out for a little bit). So luckily we didn't actually have to pay the full price of the 3D scan which can be pretty expensive.

He's measuring at the 65th percentile for weight which is relief for me at this point even though I'm pretty sure those things aren't super accurate. The relief is because I was giant fat baby (10lbs 14oz) and fear he will follow in my footsteps. So I'm hoping that he comes out closer to normal than sumo-baby.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Annual Florida Vacation

This weekend is our annual 'Marty's Dad's Birthday Family Reunion.' This year we are at the Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast. First though, we made a stop in Jacksonville on Friday night to hang with my sister and bro-in-law (they would also be dog sitting our princess). We had a nice dinner with them, before dining on Publix cupcakes that my sister bought since she knows they're my favorite. I am spoiled :)

Saturday morning found us all at San Marco for a local 5K. My sister promised to 'run' with me but I don't think she quite believed how slow I go right now or how much I walk to keep the heart rate at a manageable level. Where to keep your HR while pregnant is always up for debate and it varies depending on who you talk to. My doctors have said that if I feel good then the baby is fine and not to worry about it too much. Although I doubt they know how hard I can push myself. I have read that others say you shouldn't go over 140 and then others say they never looked at their HR. I'm taking more of a middle ground. My best friend from college who is a doctor told me that when my HR gets too high it basically means that blood is not flowing as well to the baby -- this just doesn't seem worth it to me. So I set my HR monitor at 150 and see how I feel and walk when necessary. Sometimes I hit 150 early (I know, so crazy), but feel fine so keep on jogging. Other times I can tell I'm really winded. So I basically go by feel and use it as a loose guide. I've always been good about reading my body and this is no different.


Shana jog/walked with me the entire way and we finished in a blazing time of 32 minutes. This is a personal worst for me (PW!) But my sister-in-law pointed out that I should be able to divide that time in two since there are two of us running :) I like that. That also means I beat Marty who ran a sub 19 out there (humid, but flat - not something we get often in our area). Marty was 2nd male and 3rd overall, getting beat by one woman. But when my sister was ribbing him for it, I told her he was used to that anyways ;)

I bought a cute t-shirt to wear for the race:

(I'm 6 months pregnant here. The countdown is on!)

After the race and a great breakfast courtesy of Shana and Scott, we drove the additional 1.5hrs down to Palm Coast to meet up with Marty's side of the family. So far we've had a lot of fun hanging out with our cute nieces and enjoying the awesome accommodations here. More on tap today before we drive back to NC tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jury Duty

Yesterday, I had to go to the Wake County court house for a jury summons. I've never been summonsed before and although I know this is our civic duty, I was really hoping not to get picked for a jury. I even asked my dad (an attorney) the best ways to avoid being picked. After a tiny lecture from him that I shouldn't want to get out of the service, he gave me his best tips.

Made it to the courthouse with the rest of the general population - which I would normally think means weirdo's, but actually everyone was very professional looking. They recommended that you dress 'business casual' and I would say that out of the 150+ people only a couple were even wearing jeans. I guess this is a big departure from the attire in Orlando according to my friend who had to attend a few jury summons down there.

I had a book (Mary Roach's Packing for Mars, so far excellent) and my phone which is a good distraction, but it's just so boring to sit in an uncomfortable chair for so long. Finally after over 3 hours, a lady came in and said that all the civil cases had been settled, so she was going to need to draw 40 names. I was one of the 40 names and thought, ugh! I never get picked for raffles at races but of course I get picked here. Then when she got done reading the 40th name she said, "Okay, you all can go home!"

Little trickster! Ha! So I hightailed it out of there and will still get my $12 check in the mail. Thank you, Wake County.