Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ramble Ramble

Another year almost gone! I really can’t believe that Logan is 3 years old. I read somewhere or someone told me: ‘the days are long but the years are fast’ and that is such a true statement. Particularly when you have a baby, but for most of us in our daily lives.  How many times do we say, wow, where did that week go? But during the week you’re toiling away (doing whatever you do).  This year for me wasn’t very spectacular. I took a risk taking a job that I ended up really hating and it bled into many different parts of my life – most obviously in my motivation with sport. And if you happened to pay attention, you may have noticed my lack of all around racing and training.  I’m not  planning on making some giant comeback this year or anything, but I’m hoping to see a little more competition.  I ended up returning to my prior company a few months ago (in a different department so new-to-me) and I’m much happier.  The other side of the coin is I’ve always felt that there is more to life than racing and training, and I don’t want to miss out on the most important parts of my life – which are, of course, my family.  I will be the first to say that I was reluctant in having a kid, but it is absolutely the greatest thing and I can’t imagine going through life without Logan.  The amount of joy he brings and how much he fills me up is just not quantifiable.  Several years ago, a friend was describing this to me and he used this analogy: you know how much you love your dog? (yes, yes I do, Tassie is the greatest dog ever) Well, multiply that feeling by 1,000.  (hmmm, I don’t quite believe you, but I’m glad you are enjoying your daughter so much). 

Well, he was right.

So I’m looking forward to 2015.  2014 wasn’t bad, really, but there are things I’m glad to have put behind me.  Certainly these are more ‘first world problems’ to have, but you have but one life so might as well make it as fulfilling as possible!

And since this particular blog post is quite rambling, I will start a different topic. I did my run workout on a treadmill this morning. I was really, REALLY dreading it. I don’t really like the treadmill, but the weather outside was super yucky, and doing hard intervals in freezing rain just didn’t sound fun to me.  So I got my butt out of bed, not even early to be quite honest, so I could get to work and use the gym there (love the perk of having an on campus gym!).  Couple of things I hate about treadmills:
  • I have never been able to sync my effort up with what I would think is my pace.  It seems like many people don’t have this problem, but the pace it tells me always seems so much slower than what I run outside. I don’t know if it’s my form (I do have a longer gait than a lot of people, despite working on my cadence through the years) or what, but it is mentally disturbing.
  • The treadmill in the gym is pushed flush to a mirror so you are forced to look at yourself the entire time. The tv is directly above your head so you can’t really watch it. But I also don’t want to stare at myself in the mirror – the treadmill itself blocks most of the view so it’s not like I can check my form (there is not a mirror to the side), and looking directly into my own eyes does funny things and then I end up almost-but-not-quite stumbling.
So I look other places, but there aren’t many options: the clock – who wants to watch seconds ticking by while you’re running? This is extreme torture. The little man running in place with some computer generated graphic behind him – and seriously, why is one of these graphics A TRACK?? Who wants to run on a TREADMILL pretending to be running around the circle of the TRACK? And watching the time tick by? OH MY GOD I’M GOING INSANE.

But. But. The workout ended up being all right.  The one thing I do like about the treadmill is once you actually get going, you can really talk yourself into ‘just one more level up’ for a specified period of time. This works well when trying to run intervals.  Although I really suck at trying to convince myself to run a decent cooldown. I just want to get off the damn thing.  It helped that I had some new music to look forward to on the Ipod: Shake it off (I hate myself for liking this song), Rollercoaster by The Bleachers (I don’t know, it makes me happy listening to it. I think the lead singer was in Fun, although I didn’t really like their songs. Also he is (or was a couple of months ago)dating Lena Dunham so there’s some random facts for you) and Doses & Mimosas by Cherub which is another song that I’d hear and be all be-bopping my head to but now that I actually listened to the lyrics while I was warming up I was like, oh hmmmmm. Still like the tune, though. 

Anyways, rambling post of 2014 done. Seacrest out.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Christmas this year was very fun; Logan really 'got' it. Although, perpetuating this Santa myth and the whole Elf on the Shelf story is already getting tough and he's only 3! He definitely believes Santa brings the gifts and his Elf (who he named Socks) watches if he's good or bad to report back in every night to the fat man in the red suit.  But so many questions!

But this year was definitely more magical (as hokey as that sounds) than any other year has been.  The only thing he really wanted was cars, even though he has SO MANY but he's so obsessed with Disney's Cars and Lightening McQueen we've been slowly buying all the characters.  My mom and sister's family flew in for the holiday's and it's been great having family here after pretty much doing Christmas by ourselves the past couple of years.

My running was going all right until my long run last week where I ran just a little too fast at the beginning on a cold morning and my calf has been saying not nice things to me every since.  I've strained it a few times over the years and it's so temperamental (and annoying). I'm hoping it doesn't keep me out for too much because I feel like it's been so long since I've had really good consistent training.

Marty got me (and him) a pretty awesome present: tickets to see the Foo Fighters in D.C. on the 4th of July!!

Christmas Eve family picture

Belly to the bar at Outback while waiting for our table on Christmas Eve. FYI, call-ahead seating is bs.

Christmas morning family picture

The theme of the day: CARS!

Opening another present with cousin Beckett in the background

Remember doing this? It's still fun.