Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Research Triangle Pork

Usually my commute is a breeze, but today it was a rainy and the interstate was all backed up and slow. I didn't see an accident but did see a couple of cop cars on the side with flashing lights, so assumed it was leftover from something else and everyone has to slow down and gawk (really, people, it's just a car with lights). I found out it wasn't your typical accident -

"Morrisville, N.C. — Five pigs fell out of a truck and got loose on Interstate 40, causing traffic congestion during the Wednesday morning commute, Durham police said.

Multiple WRAL viewers reported seeing the pigs running around I-540, near the juncture with Interstate 540.

Police said the pigs, which are about 60 pounds each, likely fell off the back of a truck, but the driver likely didn't realize it and kept going.

Police rounded up the pigs and kept them in their squad cars until animal control officers arrived. Two of the pigs' legs were hurt."

Oh, the joke's that are coming out of this story. Pigs in squad cars? Eastern NC style or Western NC style? Poor little piggies! (I work in an area called Research Triangle Park if the title didn't make sense)


Rebecca DeWire said...

This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

LZ said...

Totally made my night! So awesome!

m said...

Very funny! Great title.

Kim said...

This is crazy!! I like it!