Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

Oh, how I love this time of year - March Madness! It's very hard to stay focused at work when all sorts of games are going on. Luckily, this area has huge fans and it's sort of expected that people might be sneaking games on their computers or camping out in the cafeteria to watch the tv's in there.

We have an office pool going within the Finance organization. My brackets are long shots due to the fact that I have to go with my heart over stats on a lot of these games. Case in point:

  • I'm in love with Jimmer Fredette. My all time favorite basketball player is Pistol Pete (not Shotgun Sally - which was Marty's answer to that question...he's such a basketball fan), and Jimmer is quite the new era Pete Maravich. So I probably have BYU going much further than they will.
  • I hate Florida (sorry DS!!). Readers of this blog already know this, and I probably have them going out too early.
  • Notre Dame is in my blood -- and I have them going to the Finals with Ohio State.

So we'll see what happens! One of my brackets got hammered last night and I'm not doing all that well overall so far against my co-workers. Let's hope they all get Jimmered :)


Beth said...

JIMMMMMMMMMER!!!!!!!!! I must have said "Jimmer" 20,000 times last night watching the game. Who doesn't love themselves a Jimmer?? :)

I have OSU in the final game too...but def not against Notre Dame. ;)

Steve said...

Jimmered??? lol. That might make it as a new word next year. :)

BYU to the final 4. Book it!! :)