Monday, March 7, 2011

Diving off the blocks

I'm planning on doing the North Carolina Master's State Championship meet in early April. No need to qualify for this or anything, you just simply sign up. We have several swimmers from our team who are going to do it, and I thought it would be fun...and scary since this is COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone.

First things first, I need to learn how to dive off the blocks.

I've gone off the blocks several different times at the pool we swim at with little success. I either:

a) lose my goggles
b) belly flop
c) go way too deep

So although I want to look like this:

I inevitably look more like this:

I've been putting off practicing because...because...frankly because I'm not good at it and who likes trying skillful things as an adult that you're not good at in front of lots of other people.

Time to check my ego at the door. Plus, it's getting awful close to the beginning of April and I'm not going into that meet unprepared.

Alysia and Kari showed up at Master's this morning (a miracle in itself) and at the end Alysia practiced her starts while Kari stayed in the water and laughed at me. I started by diving off the edge of the pool, and belly flopped (more like thigh slapped) my way through a couple of starts. Marty got a noodle to help me jump up and out, but then I was going too deep.

Erik helpfully rolled his eyes and said it would be easier if I just went off the blocks. I ignored my silly fears and did it. Several thigh slaps later, a couple of too deep entries and maybe one that went semi-correctly, I had to call it so I could hit the showers and get ready for work.

My thighs and hips looked like I had gotten a wicked sunburn.


My goggles stayed on the entire time. Total win!

Then in the locker room, Becky gave me a tip about how I was throwing my arms that I'm eager to try out next time. Oh yes, there will definitely be a next time.


Beth said...

Dooooooo it!! I had very similiar fears before my swim meet a few weeks ago but for the first time ever I did dive off the blocks and it was a success!!! (success in that my goggles stayed on, not necessarily that it saved me a bunch of time... :)

The Tylers said...

love the visuals! You'll do great!!

Steve said...

I don't know anything about that stuff, obviously, but funny post. :) Good luck. :)

m said...

I did a few belly flops in practice before I finally got it (even in a meet!) Hope it goes well and if it doesn't try and make sure Marty gets a picture of you belly flop ;)