Friday, March 25, 2011

Exciting Times

Tassie from a couple of days ago. She had gotten out of control fluffy and was bringing in the backyard all over the house. She constantly had stuff stuck to her (you can see a few bits in the picture) because she loves laying out there. I think she does look pretty cute all fluffy, although I'm sure it must be hella annoying to have all that fur on your nose.

Yesterday we got her shaved. Wimpiest mohawk ever, but I will dye it pink this weekend and maybe it will look better. I always feel like she is slightly embarrassed with her shorn self. She does look ridiculously skinny and poodle-like. She also doesn't look very thrilled that I'm taking her picture. What a stink eye.


Steve said...

love the term hella annoying. :)

Hope you both have a good weekend. :)

Kim said...

She's looks good! A little less "heavy" or a "spring style" as you could call it!