Wednesday, May 19, 2010

General Housekeeping

Update on the foot
Feeling fantastic! That cuboid bone has gone back to where it's supposed to be and has stayed put. I've been diligent about my exercises and it helped that my sister was here right after I did it so she could do a bit of therapy on it every night. She's back in town next week so I'm going to hit her up again (she needs to earn her room and board :)

Running, what?
I didn't run for a full 2 weeks after hurting my foot. Then when I started back I was extremely cautious and ran 3 times over the next week TOTALLING 1 hour. So my run pretty much sucks right now. I did do part of the track workout last night and was happy to hold 6min pace on the intervals I did. But I'm super, super sore today.

Upcoming Races
As mentioned in previous blogs, the next 'A' race is Doughman coming up next Saturday. The week after that is Breezy Point. I was in pretty good shape last year for this race and came away with some prize money, but this year is probably going to be a different story with my run being so slow. But I'm planning on swimming and biking hard and then seeing what happens. The week after that is the Jordan Lake Open Water Challenge. I'll be working and swimming that one.


Beth said...

Yeah for a healthy foot!!!! The running will come back quickly and you'll be feeling fresh and ready to go!! :)

Steve said...

glad you are running again, I am sure you are too!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bri - cuboid bone? What is that? How did you hurt it? Just curious, I had a weird feeling like something "dropped" in my foot and then aggravated a calve muscle/posterior tibialis. I hope you are back to running as much as you want now!!! Jen Cunnane (could not post my comment through google for some reason!)