Saturday, May 15, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

Marty and I have been enjoying our time in Maggie Valley. We've been taking pictures but the camera cord is back home, so I'll put those up in a couple of days.

We got in late Thursday and pretty much went straight to bed. Unfortunately, I missed the first official practice of my Doughman Team (Team Victorious Secret) on Thursday evening. I have it on good authority that my girls had a successful session that included scarfing down yogurt, going for a bike ride, scarfing down barbeque and then either going for a hard short run or a hard short ride. They are awesome.

Marty and I got our own ride in on Friday - not really knowing the area that well we just looked online and found a close route off of Here's a picture I snapped from my typical position when I ride with Marty. I also uploaded this right to facebook after taking the picture. I'm all sorts of coordinated.

So the ride -- I think we climbed every one of those mountains in the picture! Getting out of Maggie Valley to the Blue Ridge Parkway was hella steep. The the Parkway, although not as steep, was still a relentless uphill. We finally descended into Waynesville and made our way back to the house.

When we got home, Marty, Tassie and I soaked our legs in the creek behind the house. Tassie said the bike ride was tough and she needed an ice bath.

Marty also got in some fishing (minus the actual 'fish' part) before we had an early dinner in Waynesville.

Today is our actual 6 year anniversary and we're going into Asheville for a nice dinner - Italian, my favorite.


Anonymous said...

our kind of anniversary celebration!
d/r s

Steve said...

Happy Anniversary. My wife and I are horrible. We forget ours at least half the time. I told her the morning after our anniversary this year Happy Anniversary. :)

Glad it sounds like you two are having fun!! Oh running again!!