Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anybody Listening?

I've complained to Marty recently that I felt like I had lost a lot of readers over the past month. I thought it was either:

A. I'm boring
B. I'm irrelevant
C. All of the above

My friend Kari has told me that she can never comment on my blog anymore, and Beth also mentioned she sometimes has problems. Then Kari told me that her feed never lets her know when I update, so I did some internet sleuthing and figured out that when we changed servers and Marty posted that my blog was moving and to please use "this" address...he mistyped the address. He put a www. when it was really just So maybe I've lost readers because they put in a bad address in their feed? Maybe I haven't lost readers at all, but it definitely seems like people who used to comment occasionally don't. Then sometimes I think, why the heck am I even doing this? Like I'm so important that I need to write about inane happenings of my life.

Carry on.


runningyankee said...

i am. though only with one sound so *sigh* no one loves me-ish. not true. i mean i know at least three who do:
1- tassie
2- the guy at the target register who sold you your size M today
3- edward. he just hasnt met you yet.

Heather said...

I check your blog everyday. Wait - that makes me a stalker.
Yeah Brianne!

Aimee said...

I like your blog, but like you mentioned, I was never able to leave a comment! I'm glad it got fixed! :)

Steve said...

Just because I am a smart ass!! Looks like a lot of people already found your blog now that you posted the right link on the blog no one could find!! Good thinking!! j/k

I think I added you after Marty switched, but have read you before here and there!

Same thing I said to Marty good luck with all!!

Brian said...

I always check your blog; Marty's, ok, sometimes :) Dad

Angela said...

I'm still here, just don't get to check as much due to job and boys and training...yikes, I have no life anymore.

Jennifer Harrison said...

I read your blog! I just think I am ALWAYS reading your blog and ALWAYS commenting - so I do comment from time to time!!! :)) I did change your link on my blogroll too! :) carry on!

m said...

When you made the switch, the thing that automatically tells me when things update wouldn't let me switch from your old to your old blog, even after I deleted the old one, it just kept adding the old one. Which made me feel like a complete moran because I couldn't figure it out. And then I forgot to figure out how to fix it because I wasn't on the computer as much for awhile.