Monday, September 29, 2008

Sleep Deprivation Forever

During my very short swimming career as a child, I would see the adult Master’s swimmers and think to myself, “WHY in the world would they CHOOSE to come here and swim?! I’m NEVER going to do that!” It’s quite evident why it was so short, huh! After college I swore to myself that I would not get up before 6am for practice of any sort. I had had enough morning practices and promised I wouldn’t put myself through that on my own will.

Back several years ago, Marty and I were not even semi-regular, but would go to a local high school’s pool for 6am morning swim practice. So much for that promise to myself. The year before we left Florida, I started meeting a friend of mine for a once a week 6am spin class, and a once a week 6am swim together. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Now for almost a year I have been going to our local Master’s practice, headed by a really great guy, at 6am, 3 mornings a week! This means the alarm goes off at 5:25 – even earlier than it did in college for morning runs. But wait, NOW instead of having practice from 6-7am, we’re going 5:45-7:00am. So this morning the alarm went off at 5:10am. You have got to be freaking kidding me. To make matter’s worse, there was a swim meet this past weekend so the water was oh-so-chilly. Chillier than normal. My comment of ‘stupid kids!’ was quickly followed by, ‘sorry, I’m not at my best at 5:50…’

I didn’t get there in time, but was still swimming before 6am. Here’s the typical schedule:

-Alarm goes off. Moan and groan. Whine about not getting enough sleep. Push Marty to make sure he’s awake.
-Tassie runs over and kisses my face, all wiggly and EXCITED FOR MORNING!!! YAY!!!
-Get dressed, brush teeth, grab bags and stumble down stairs.
-Forget something and go back upstairs (this always seems to happen)
-Let Tassie out if Marty hasn’t. One of us gets the coffee pot going.
-Let Tassie back in and feed her
-Possible important bathroom break
-Give Tassie heart pill in liverwurst. Wash hands because liverwurst stinks
-Ask Marty to make me a PB&J for the afternoon
-Hug Tassie and wish I could stay home and play with her all day
-Pack up car, walk back into house because I forget something
-Drive to pool semi-awake
-See someone walking out of pool, already finished with their workout and realize I’m not SO crazy…
-Locker room
-Head to pool deck, get cap ready, chat with fellow swimmers
-Watch everyone dive or jump in
-Head to pools edge, make an ugly face to Marty
-Sit down at edge and dangle legs into water
-Announce to Marty that the water is cold (again)
-Make face when someone splashes me on their flipturn. Never you mind I’m about to get in the pool anyways.
-Deep breath and slide into pool, push off the wall, and curse up a blue streak in my head
-Workout gets underway and I’m happy I’m there :)


Beth said...

I've always been a morning person so I'm lucky in that regard - but still, getting in the pool (especially when the water is cold and it's winter) is like pure torture for me really early in the morning! I don't know why it's so hard! I do the leg dangle thing FOREVER. :) But like you said, once I'm in, I'm always so happy to be there!

PS Great job with your 5K and new course record! :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

I am very impressed at your early rising to swim. No wonder you are a good are really dedicated!

LZ said...

I also swore off before 6am workouts after college, and I think I have been pretty good. But what was worse was morning practices when I went "home" during summer/winter breaks during college. One summer we had practice 3x per week at 4:45am. Yes, that is right, 4:45. After that summer, never again would I get up early to workout. Even now, I don't set the alarm before 6 unless it is for a race. :)

Marit C-L said...

I'm a cold water wimp as well. And I hate the really excited folks who can just jump in and NOT complain about the cold. Eeks!

The Tylers said...

Funny how we say NEVER AGAIN!!!!