Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tassie is a goldendoodle, but I'm frankly embarrassed by that name so I usually tell people she's part golden retriever, part poodle when they ask. A lot of people then exclaim, "Oh! A labradoodle!" which I totally don't get but there you go. We're watching Tassie's best friend, Cider, tonight through Tuesday. Cider's mom, Kristy and us always watch each other's dogs when we go out of town and they play with each other at least once a week if not more. They've been playing together ever since they were puppies and I really think they think they are sisters. I tried to get some pictures of them tonight but it was impossible to get both to sit still and look at the camera. Cider was busy doing a trick because she thought I was going to give her a treat and Tassie wouldn't stop wiggling and trying to head-butt Cider.

Here they are when I was able to snap a quick pick before they knew what I was doing. Cider hasn't had her last summer haircut yet...

Cider, sit! Tassie, no!

Almost sitting pretty together

Best friends :)


Rebecca DeWire said...

What cute doggies! I think the different hairstyles are hilarious looking.

Good luck at your race this weekend.

m said...

Looks like Tassie needs to give Cider the # for her groomer. Such cute pictures.

Good luck at your race!