Thursday, September 25, 2008

Expensive Entry Fees

I got around to checking out the Philly Half Marathon registration -- $100!! My mouth dropped open and I immediately texted (is that a word?) Marty. It's unbelievable how much race entries are these days. I've gotten kind of used to the amount for triathlons, but for a run?! They'd better have a great goodie bag. I can't even blame myself for being too lazy to sign up because the fee was raised in early September, and I really didn't commit to running it until very recently (Bri + long stuff = yucky). But I figured it would be nice to try and better my pr and since Marty was running the marathon, I might as well do something. I didn't for once think about not running it because of the entry fee. But that's exactly what Marty said when he saw me this afternoon.

Oh no he di'in't.

Have I ever mentioned Marty is a teensy-weensy bit cheap?

"What?!!!" I said, looking at him like he had two heads. "Well, then I'm not going up there with you!"

I think he relented because he knew I wasn't budging, but I can't say he was happy about it. Nor was he mad. He just didn't say anything. I think he knew my mind was made up.

Now let's recap my 1/2 marathon experiences:

1. Duke Liver Center Half Iron 2004: horrible horrible, lots of walking and an unusable quad afterwards that ended the triathlon season. 1:51:41

2. Duke Liver Center Half Iron 2005: thought I would come back and show this course what I was made of! Ended up even worse. This is starting to be the definition of insanity...1:54:28

3. Sydney Half Marathon 2006: Just for fun since we were living in Australia at the time. Beautiful but hilly course, didn't train specifically for it and was just there for a good time. Splits were confusing since they, like the rest of the world, use the metric system. "Hmmm, so 13K would be like...ah forget it." 1:33:high? Can't find the results.

4. White Lake Half Iron: Flat course, in great shape (yay to only working part time for the early part of that year!) but don't let me fool you, this one was still painful and yucky. 1:31:47

So my goal will be to break that time. I ran 10 miles after work with Marty today and I don't think we were moving all that fast. But, there's still several more weeks to get in shape.


Alicia Parr said...

Philly is rolling hills, right? I say 1:26 no problem. I'd say faster if you weren't so anti-long distance!

Beth said...

Hmmm...something tells me you should be getting ready for a VERY big PR Bri!! Philly is really flat and the weather is usually great for running. You guys will have a great time!

By the way - you totally just burst my bubble. I was still holding onto the hope that only triathlon entry fees were that high. Remember the days when you could enter a road race for $15 and that was a lot? :)

Marit C-L said...

Yeah, race entry fees are out of control! Bleh!

But yes, you can definitely go under 1:30! And if you doubt yourself, you can always bike for 2:30 before you run... :)