Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Short Wii-k

We finished off the Labor Day weekend playing my sister’s Wii at our friend’s house. I LOVE guitar hero! It’s so fun and now I’m begging Marty to get us a Wii, too. It’s a super short work week for me because we’re heading to St. Pete this Thursday evening to celebrate Marty’s dad’s birthday. It’s just coincidence that’s we’re celebrating in St. Pete – his dad lives in Miami, but this works out well for me so now I can also see my parents. We should be able to get some beach running and hopefully some open water swimming in while we’re down there since we’re staying at the Don. It will be a fun weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing our 10 month old niece as well.

I forgot to mention that we got a good laugh at Tassie’s expense on Friday evening. She had played with her best friend Cider earlier in the afternoon and then was of course so excited to have all these new people in her house for the happy hour. But I guess she got a little worn out with all the excitement and right around 10pm she was no where to be found…she had decided enough was enough and headed upstairs to her bed and was fast asleep as the party was still going on!

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LZ said...

Guitar Hero does become addictive, just beware. You may choose to stop exercising in exchange for staring at a screen for hours trying to master just the beginning level! :)