Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gas Freakout

This whole run on gas thing makes me so angry! I don't know if this is going on in other places but here in the Raleigh area most residents thought it would be a good idea to stock up on gas because of Ike, then the stations decided they would raise prices (isn't that illegal?!) So I'm driving home from work yesterday and there are long lines at the gas pumps and the prices are $4.19 -- the night before it was around $3.60. Come on. And I heard that some stations near NC State were charging $4.99!

Marty left this morning and was able to top off the Fit at a local station where he said it was coming out in a dribble. I hope he can get back here and then we can get to Virginia! This is so ridiculous.

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Beth said...

We had the same issue here in Charlotte!!! We had no idea what was going on...gas was $4.69 this morning and most of the stations were out of gas altogether!!! We were thinking this is what is was always like in NC and swearing your stinkin' state off for good!! :) But then someone explained how yesterday the gas was in the $3.60s and, like you said, people were just freaking out about Ike. Luckily we found some for $3.79 closer to the city and filled up so we won't need gas again until West Virginia on our way home... I hope you found some gas!!