Monday, September 8, 2008

Back home

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous beach day. The water was comfy and warm and dead calm. They could call it the Lake of Mexico instead of the Gulf of Mexico! After a final breakfast with the fam, Marty and I went for another open water swim where he once again swam right next to me. Afterwards we played in the water for a bit, acting like little kids and having fun. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at my mom’s house where we also enjoyed a great nap. I love vacation.

I’m always amazed at how easy (and quick) it is to fly down to Florida, and with a direct Southwest flight, it’s also pretty affordable. This next weekend we’ll be up in Virginia Beach for the Sandman Triathlon. I’ve been looking forward to this race and hope to walk away with a bit of $$ if I have a good one. It will be nice to have my sister and my nieces out there cheering for me, too. The rematch between Marty and I is not going to be too exciting, I can tell you that. With the longer swim, flat bike and run, I don’t have a chance of beating him. This is a very good thing and means he’s actually training again. -
and Leon is NOT getting larrrrrgerrrr.

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