Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Shock Jock

The title is in reference to Howard Stern, who I will once again be listening to on my commute to work - it's kind of like one of those confessions, but I really like the Howard Stern Show. Not every part of it, but for the most part he has very interesting interviews, great political takes, and funny commentary. I've been without Sirius satellite for almost a month now since we bought our new car (stupid Honda only comes with XM - boooo!). Since we were already subscribers, Sirius sent us a new radio and a free install card and Marty had it all taken care of this morning. No more bad local radio for this girl.

This morning I got up and went for a short mountain bike on the greenways - and can I tell you that I was cold at the beginning?! That's right, low humidity and temps this morning in the low 60's had me shivering as I went down the first hill. It was awesome :) Then tonight I ran for...wait for it...30 minutes! And it felt great. It was slow, yes, but I don't care - it was so fun to be out there, and I even made it to the nearby trails which was a treat. I do love running. Now I probably won't be saying that next weekend when I'm racing (i.e. participating) in the Triangle Triathlon; that's sure to be a hurtfest for me, but I really want to get back out there. Now I need to go shower and get ready to watch some more swimming Olympic trials.

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The Tylers said...

Good for you. I haven't run in a month and don't have a good excuse. Could you come up with one for me???? And don't you LOVE the Olympic trials!