Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Status Quo

Nothing too interesting to report. Marty and Tassie had an exciting afternoon, but I'll let him tell you about it. I'm still plugging away at my training hoping everyday that this will be the day that I feel strong and fast again. If only it were that easy (they would call it football, ha ha). As I was walking back to my building after running on the treadmill at work, I called Marty to report in. He asked how my foot was and I told him it was good, it didn't hurt at all...everything else hurt!

And that's about it. We have several busy weekends coming up starting off with this weekend at the local Triangle Triathlon. The following weekend we're heading to the Outer Banks to see my friend April (and her husband and new baby); they're vacationing there for the week. You might remember she was one of my '6 people I want to have lunch with tomorrow.' So maybe not tomorrow, but next weekend! Not bad! Marty and I are bagging the NYC triathlon since we are both in piss poor shape and don't think that making that long of a drive would be all that fun for us right now. We're going to look into deferring to next year.


LZ said...

I rode to Chapel Hill yesterday and took eric's car home the long way...(pass Maple View) :)

SOOOOOOOO bummed I will miss Gelato tomorrow night. :( But I will see you Sunday am for you to run me down!!

(Can I still shower at your house?)

m said...

Sorry to hear your not coming up to NYC, but I guess that is a long drive if you don't feel 100%.

Good luck at Triangle. I liked that race a lot for some reason.

Rebecca DeWire said...

Good luck at Triangle and I hope your foot continues to cooperate. I will be cheering for you since Scott is also racing that day.

Anonymous said...


I can only feel so sorry for you feeling out of shape. You will still beat me by 10 mins. Sunday. It's all good though b/c I am getting there. See you this weekend.

P.S. I am glad the foot feels better.

Scott Lowery aka Shana's boytoy :)