Sunday, July 27, 2008

Relaxing Weekend? Not Quite

It's tough to get caught up on life when you're gone several weekends in a row, but that's summer time, right?! It should come as no surprise to anyone that Marty skipped the Mission Man sprint triathlon on Saturday. This actually worked out better for me because I was able to get in a good bike workout . I made Marty go with me and he grumbled during the intervals but got his butt moving, which he needs ;) Then we packed up the car and Tassie and drove to Sugar Mountain, which was about 3.5hrs away. We had a nice time visiting my mom and had a great dinner with her and Dan. This morning Marty, Tassie and I went for a very hilly albeit short run. I guess when you're staying in the mountains you're either going to go up or down.

We showered and got my mom and then we all headed over to Grandfather Mountain where we had some pretty great views on the mile high swinging bridge. I'll put up some pictures later and also a video of me tossing some food to the bears that they have there. We took Marty into Boone for lunch since he's never been there before we packed up and drove back home. Now we're meeting Paul out for some dinner - no rest for the weary!

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