Monday, July 21, 2008

Feeling Stronger

Training has been getting better. This morning at Master's practice we did 300's alternating hard/easy. To keep from daydreaming I tried to keep an eye on the next lane and keep up with whoever started when I did. When they pulled away (it was the faster lane after all) I tried to keep up with the next person. It helped me push harder and I swam pretty good in that dang long course pool.

Then tonight Marty and I waited until much later than normal to do our run since it was ungodly hot out today. We ran from our house and hit the trails at Bond Park instead of driving out to Umstead. I convinced him to do some tempo with me and we both ran well and felt good. Or did we run good and feel well? I always get those confused. You get the picture.

So I feel like I'm making some improvement and think that maybe I can still pull off some good races over the next few months.

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Courtenay said...

my mom's a stickler for all that grammar stuff... as kids if we were like "i'm done!" about anything, she'd ask if we were turkeys in the oven. done is NOT a replacement for finished. likewise good is NOT a replacement for well.

based on my upbringing by a grammar-policewoman, i would say you have it right. you ran well and felt good. i have no idea why but i am sure you are right.

also there is some rule about "hopefully", as in "hopefully i will get to do a super long swim set with no pull buoy", unlikeliness of that wish aside, the whole "hopefully" thing is grammatically incorrect for mysterious reasons. i just make sure not to say it when i am visiting mom or on the phone with her ;)

glad you are feeling good, and yes there is still time for some solid race performances this year!