Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy Late 4th of July

In an attempt to get back in shape, I decided that I will train this week. Novel concept! Except it has left me sore and tired ;) Wednesday morning started off with a hard swim practice, where the guy who goes behind me in the lane was feeling extra spunky. Good for him, and me, except I had to hurt more than I was planning on. But what's the point on going to Master's if you're expecting to just swim 'comfortable'? Parrish kept me very honest and we did our last few hundreds pretty fast (after many other fast and hypoxic intervals). At the end I had that entire body hurt feeling, even deep into my legs. But that was not going to cause me to skip the group ride that night.

The ride was still fun, even though I got dropped a few times. That'll happen when people are sprinting uphill and your legs are pooled with lactic acid. Brooke and Nicolai are in great shape, and I'm hoping they drag me back into some sort of shape here soon. Last weekend they rode in a popular 100 miler in the mountains in 6 hours - with a few stops!

Thursday evening I went out for my 30min run, when it was WAY too hot and I melted. I felt like I was 200 lbs and barely moving. I then had to lay on the living room floor for 15 minutes before I could move again (Tassie tried to help out by licking the salt off me). I know that the first few weeks of running again are miserable, but you always forget just how miserable they are until you're back there doing it (in 95 degree heat). Still happy to be out there for sure!

And yesterday I had the day off work, yay! Marty and I went for a swim in the morning and then a short bike ride. That night we met some friends out in Cary to watch the fireworks but 15 minutes before the show a storm rolled in and the masses hightailed it out of there as big lightening bolts lit up the sky (Mother Nature wanted to display her own fireworks, I suppose). We all scattered amidst a lot of, "let's do this again sometime!"

Now I'm going to go for another run, and I'm hoping it feels better than Thursday's. I better get going before it gets too hot out.

I feel like I haven't put any Tassie pictures up in awhile, so here's one of her the other day after an intense round of fetch.


Beth said...

Glad the training is going well Bri!! Tassie is soooo cute. Those long legs are hilarious!! :)

rr said...

Back at it! Me too.. it's amazing how out of shape I got.. and how much it hurts to be training again. I missed it! Tassie is a doll.

m said...

Tassie is looking cute as ever!

Nice to hear you are able to run some more.