Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Racing things

Lake Logan was my last triathlon of the season. Kind of early to end on (early Aug) but the only other race I was considering doing was the Wilmington YMCA which is in late September. I really didn't want to have to keep training on the bike (in particular) for just one last sprint that was almost 2 months away. They have a beach cruiser division which I thought would be really fun to do but two things to consider:

1. Probably I'd wind up hurting myself trying to go super duper hard on a beach cruiser
2. Setup has unbendable category rules and most likely I wouldn't be 'allowed' to race in that division since I did the White Lake sprint in the Open category in early April (where I almost froze to death in the water)

I tried to get my friend to sign up for that division with me (that's assuming I could get in) but she thought I was joking and her response was something like 'LOL that's hilarious!'

So I'll be on support crew that morning.

I have been informally targeting some runs here in the fall. Mostly 5K's but in 2 weekends I'm doing the Magnificent Mile, which is a 1 mile race around State Capitol Building (am I supposed to capitalize all that? whatevs). I've never done a road mile like that - should be fun. How the heck do you pace something like that? I'm thinking you don't - you just run as hard as you can until you die.

Unfortunately, I won't exactly be well rested, but it's a mile. Who cares. On that Saturday we have our last open water swim event which I'll be volunteering at, and on that Sunday I'll be in charge of Junior Awesome all morning. Marty is doing the swim-bike of the FS Half that morning. My race isn't until Sunday afternoon. Originally I was going to do the run at the FS Half and we would have a Gaal/OSB relay team complete with a Logan hand-off, but then I realized that both races were on the same day. No, I don't want to run a half-marathon in the morning and then run a mile race in the afternoon.

And now, picture time. Because this blog is boring.

We went to Logan's friend Lizzy's 2nd birthday party. They found a caterpillar on the playground.

Then a bunch of other kids came over and the caterpillar lived about 5 seconds longer after this picture was taken

I had to get new racing flats, and really, I don't typically care what they look like. But these are HIDEOUS.

Logan still has curly hair. We haven't cut it yet so we're not sure if they'll come back or not. A lot of people have told us that after you cut their initial curls that is it. That is weird. Some days, like this one, it looks like he has one giant Superman curl in the middle of his forehead
Dada's gotten quite good at blowing a giant bubble
Family bike ride on the greenways to a local park. Logan went down the slide 3 times before a giant thunder sounded. We hightailed it out of there quickly, which in all actuality is not very quick at all beause Marty is not speedy towing Logan in the Chariot.


Beth said...

Oscar ran a road mile a couple weeks back. He loved it! Painful but over quick. And yes, he pretty much just ran as hard as he could for 5 minutes. :) Good luck!

Angela and David said...

Yeah, I think with the road mile you just go all out from the gun. No strategy. Just hold on. Have fun! And I am scared to cut Landon's curls as well.