Tuesday, August 27, 2013

What a summer

The weather in NC this summer has been unreal. This is our 7th (!) summer here and every other time has had streaks of 100+ degree days. We haven't hit 100 once this summer and have barely been in the 90's.  We've had some hot weeks but it's freaking summer so we should! Mostly we've had lower than normal humidity and beautiful 80 degree days.

This is great for running confidence. Typically around this time we are all thinking we totally suck and are slow and then sometime in late September - boom - a nice day arrives and we're back on top of the world. This year I've had some great workouts. In August. In the afternoon. Crazy.

Speaking of, I pr'd one of my long run routes the other weekend. Turkey Creek is a hella hilly route in Umstead. I wasn't meaning to run it hard but just slowly increased my pace as I was feeling good, then hit a point (right at an hour) where I realized if I picked it up and stayed strong I would run my fastest ever. So I picked it up a little more and I was kind of at that ugly-face-pace and all of the sudden thought "what the heck are you doing?!" But you'd better believe I still finished with my fastest time. What does this mean? Nothing.

But I have been running a bit more than normal and feeling pretty good. I haven't been on my bike since Lake Logan. Marty told me in his coach voice that I needed to get back on it for cross training purposes and I whined "but my back wheel isn't on"  Then he gave me an eye-brow exasperated look.  We DID ride our mountain bikes to Goodberry's and back with a stop at the playground for Logan. Goodberry's (an NC treasure - homemade custard ice cream) is about 5 miles away from our house and we can get to it almost exclusively on greenways and wide sidewalks.  Marty towed Logan in the Chariot while I got the easy way out and spun behind them. It took us 2 hrs round trip. 10miles, 1 ice cream, and a playground in 2hrs. I'm pretty sure Turkey Creek Bri could've beat this trio.

I was also a single parent for a few days last week when Marty flew to see his dad in Miami. That was hard. I applaud all the single parents out there. Trying to get Logan ready for the day, myself ready for the day, work all day, fit in any workouts before I picked him up from daycare, and feed us all with at least some semblance of nutrition was exhausting.

Here is a picture we sent to dada while he was gone. This was in the morning, so Logan is still waking up. And you can't miss Tassie, always right on top of us.

My mom spent the weekend with us 2 weekends ago and spoiled Logan with gifts and clothes (she spoiled me, too). She has now seen the obsession with Elmo. It's pretty amazing.

We took Logan to the mall with us and he has liked the carousel before so Gi-Gi (that's what Logan calls her) forked over $2 to see this.

I had to take him off before it even started so people didn't think I was too horrible of a parent. Got the good blackmail picture, though!

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Anonymous said...

Everyone in North Carolina kept going on about how amazing the weather was last week and I was like, uh, yeah, you really don't want to brag to me about how nice your weather is here ;)