Friday, September 13, 2013

Hilton Head

Lots of things have been happening around here and most have kept me very busy and have limited my ability to blog.

We went to Hilton Head to meet up with Marty's sister's family and their dad for his birthday. None of us had ever been and we rented a great house right on the beach. Lots of family fun. I had a bit of cold the entire time which made me sleepily and off my game, and also kept me from sleeping all that well so I was more sleepy (ya know, rinse and repeat, etc). I tried to run one morning with Marty/Logan and it ended with me mostly walking and thinking I was horribly out of shape. So I guess the cold was messing with my head, too, because of course you don't lose fitness that quick.

This week was crazy and our house pretty much looks like a war zone. I did end up signing up for the beach cruiser division at next weekend's triathlon in Wilmington - I'm thinking that bike is actually going to be really hard.

 I can't concentrate. Here are a bunch of pictures.

Endless Elmo on the way to HH. I tried 'Finding Nemo' and he absolutely freaked out. I guess it was a little scary for him.
Checking out the shops in HH
Logan mostly walked up the little lighthouse in HH
With his cousins and papa
Cate, Logan & Jamie
Logan really took a liking to Jamie
Running from the waves
Goofing around
Logan was maybe a little toooo relaxed at dinner
Cousin hug
We went to Marty's high school team's cross country meet last night. This mostly consisted of me chasing Logan around while he looked for dada
Family portrait

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