Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fun Weekend on Tap

I'm really looking forward to our Wrightsville Beach weekend. Mom-in-law is flying up today to spend some quality time with Logan while we're away and several friends are sharing the beach house with us (including bff Alysia and her husband Jimmy who moved to DC at the beginning of the year).

It will also be nice to actually spend some time with my own husband, who has been MIA between coaching cross country, his real job, and training for the B2B half iron.

Logan rolled over a ball at daycare yesterday and scraped up his face pretty good. Of course it's picture day tomorrow.

When I was just a little older than he is right now, I did the same thing but landed teeth first and split my front tooth in half. I had to have a root canal and they put a cap over it until the tooth finally fell out in first grade. So at least THAT didn't happen.

And this is a totally random picture that never ceases to make me giggle. This is the men's 35-39 start at IM Mont Tremblant. I think the guy on the bottom may have mis-timed his dive.

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