Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Logan Likes Marty Better

Right now, at this point in time (I'm saying these things to make myself feel better), Logan prefers Marty over me.  I'm not sure why, it's not like our parenting styles are much different. And honestly, there's not a whole lot of parenting going on right now other than the occasional "don't eat that rock" or just the general "Logan, NO" - there's lots of playing and cuddling and reading. Okay, Marty does make some kick ass fart and bomb noises. I'll give him that.

The other week we went to pick him up from daycare together, which we often do. Logan was busy playing so I said "Hi, Logan!" he looks up and smiles and then makes a beeline toward me. So I bend down with my arms stretched wide....only to have him bypass me and right into Marty. Even the teacher couldn't help herself and said, "Buuuuuuuurrrrrrn."

This morning I was in his room first, and while we were looking at the aquarium attached to his crib, Marty came in.  When I went to pick Logan up and out of his crib he freaked out and pointed his arms toward daddy, and promptly settled down when I gave him up.

Luckily, when Marty isn't in the room, Logan DOES like me. I try not to let the preference bother me right now, and just take what I can get.


Anonymous said...

It's ok. Floyd likes Steve better, but in that case it's pretty clear that's because Steve refuses to give him any medicine, brush his teeth, stop him from running out the door or tell him to get off the table.

Steve said...

Appreciate the honest emotions in this update.

You kinda gave us a little window into your soul type of thing. I like that stuff. :)

LZ said...

I think they change their preference all the time as they get older. Right now T prefers Eric, and Piper changes her mind every 30 seconds sometimes. She might go from "I want mommy" (in an extremely whiny voice which is annoying) to screaming for daddy as soon as I pick her up. :) Oh what love.

talk about serious burn... I picked T up at daycare, I get there and she sees me and gets so excited and clapping her hands and then promptly starts crawling towards the teacher (away from me).

Angela and David said...

Ouch! Just wait until he starts saying things like "I'm going to love dad more if you don't let me wear shorts.". They love pushing buttons!