Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On Being (sorta) Hardcore

Marty and I lead several group workouts throughout the year for our athletes. More during the season, but even during the winter we have a handful. On the weekend we've typically been doing a long run on Saturday and a ride on Sunday. The Saturday morning runs have been chilly, but running in the cold is totally doable. It's biking in the cold that really kind of sucks.

If you have the right gear, it will make a world of difference. But geez, just getting it all together is a workout. Then you have to be all crafty about how and when you put on your clothes because the last thing you want is to start sweating before you make it outside.

Last Sunday, it was very cold for NC. I'm not sure the high even reached 40 degrees that day, and at 11am my phone was reading 28 degrees. Who knows what the feels like temperature was (and honestly, the 'feels like' temperature always confuses me, maybe that's the temperature they should just show?). 

Unbelievably, 7 others met me for the ride.  This is what I wore:
  • short sleeve bike jersey
  • arm warmers
  • long sleeve bike jersey
  • the warmest bike jacket you can ever have
  • thick running hat
  • scarf (yeah, this was overkill)
  • bike shorts (duh, but I felt weird leaving this off the list)
  • leg warmers
  • warm running tights (our Auburn tights, Shana!)
  • wool socks
  • toe warmers on shoes
  • plastic bags over shoes
  • booties over plastic bags
  • thin running gloves
  • thick biking gloves
I was toasty. I was slow. But I got the ride done. And a run off the bike, so I did sort of feel like a bad ass even though I didn't ride fast.

In years past you wouldn't have caught me out of the house on my bike in that sort of temperature, but knowing others are counting on the group, having limited training time with Junior Awesome, and the 70.3 looming in the not so distant future all got my butt out the door.

And now, some Logan pictures.

Don't forget about Tassie!


Anonymous said...

I don't know how people bike in that cold. I mean I do know. I've done it like a handful of times, but man, it is rough. If I lived somewhere it was regularly below freezing, I probably wouldn't race until June.

LZ said...

Wow! kudos for getting out in that cold! And impressive you are doing a 70.3 (I'm assuming the Ironman Raleigh one perhaps?). I think you need to post a 2013 race list!