Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Training Stuff

This past weekend had much of the eastern US crowing about the gorgeous weather. If you're in Florida, yeah, we get it, it's warm and sunny. YOU ARE IN FLORIDA (my facebook feed is full of beach pictures from people who live there; where you at in August when it's sweltering, huh? huh?) Anyways, it's not supposed to be 77 degrees in NC in January, but oh yes, it was and we had an awesome bike ride. 50 miles! With a 10min run after!  We had a nice group of OSB'ers and friends and I realized that boy do we talk a lot.  At the store stop I'm sure people thought we were pretty obnoxious (but fun, probably wished they were with us), and someone else told us they heard us before they saw us when they passed by.

Speaking of Florida, I'll be heading to the Sunshine State in early February to participate in my high school's inaugural Alumni/Parent track meet. They just built a sweet rubber track and I thought it would be fun to go down there and run on it. Like many of you who ran track in high school, we had a cement track with lots of cracks and grass growing in parts of many lanes.  And as is typical for this type of 'event' there are pretty much no details. I know that the running events start at 11am, but that's about it. I'm not even sure what running events there will be. Hopefully, they have some real events and not just the softball throw, standing broad jump and 8x50yd relay. I'd like to run a mile and try and break 6:00. I think I can do that, but who really knows. I haven't been on a track in a long time and certainly am not training for that type of race.

My mom graciously told me I could borrow her car if I needed to, probably to see friends or what have you, but really I don't have many friends down there at all. You think you're close to people in high school but then you go off to college and make much closer friends. Although I feel like I am close to my college girls, we are all spread out so I hardly get to see them.  I'm most close to the people I see in my everyday life, which is about right.

And now some Logan updates. Cute as a button, exerting what I like to call his strong personality, getting more curls, and saying sort of words or at least sounds that are words that we understand what he means. He recently had a reaction to the MMR vaccine which is no big deal (we know this now, after the fact). He woke up covered in spots on Saturday morning and we thought it was the chicken pox. They were worse Sunday morning but then slowly faded. After googling lots, and seeing symptoms that matched exactly, I'm 99.9% sure that it was a rash from the MMR.  Too bad our pediatrician over the phone and the doctor at Urgent Care couldn't confirm. They went away Sunday afternoon and the spots were the only side affect.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about going to one of those 5K memorial things for my high school. It's weird though.

I can throw in some 'agh, it's record cold in Arizona' to even that out if you want.

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