Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sinus Pressure

It seems this has been a winter of sickness for me so far. The past 2 years I have barely been sick but this time around I'm picking up everything and not able to kick it. I call it 'Life with a 1 year old in daycare.' Last week I was tired and achey. The Thursday morning OSB run, which I lead every week, was not my best effort. But on purpose as I wasn't going to push super hard when not feeling all that great when it was also 45 degrees and raining. Yup, but guess what, OSBers are hardcore and 7 others met me out there.

Saturday's long run didn't feel well, but I got to run with Michele and she kept my mind off of my body so the 70min went fast. Then I ended up bailing on a friend for a bike ride on Sunday because I was feeling very dizzy. Which has now turned into the world's worst sinus headache. Yes, I have the worst ever sinus headache in the world. Because it hurts like a bee-yotch and I said so.

All was not lost, because I still got to enjoy a great dinner out with my girls on Sunday.  We try and do at least one a month, and I really look forward to them.

Work has been crazy busy. Busy enough that a couple of times I've had to get back online after Logan goes to bed.  I certainly don't like having to do that, but it's better to be busy than not.

And I've also disabled anonymous commenters, something I should've done a long time ago. But seriously, you're going to go all preachy on me about giving my kid vaccines and not even leave your name? Lame. Put on your big girl or boy pants and don't hide if what you have to say is so worthwhile. Because instead I just think you're a regular old internet troll.


Unknown said...

I would've been there, rain or shine! My favorite Thursday morning run was still the snowy one at the art museum! Miss those!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, you got a troll?! That's so exciting. I clicked on the link because I thought it would lead me to some ridiculous person, so I was disappointed, fyi. I should probably yell at you for that.

Also, side note: someone yelled at you for getting vaccines for your kid? Give me their url and I have a few things to say to them about endangering the lives of others.

Dawn said...

I agree with sunny. Not getting vaccines seems to be the "in" thing these days. So very dangerous. Seriously risking their own childrens lives and others. From the flu to polio.. . Nuff said.

LZ said...

Crazy someone got upset with you about the vaccine. To each their own. My sister only vaccinates her daughter with the deadly vaccines or something like that. With P I decided to stretch out her shots so not to get them all at once so she will eventually have them all just not as soon as everyone else. With T I just said screw it, she is on the standard schedule. Whatever.

Hope you are feeling better though!