Sunday, January 6, 2013


This one could be all over the place.

Christmas was fun. Much like orphan Thanksgiving, we had orphan Christmas. Friends who also stayed in town with no family came over and I cooked them all lasagna and Marty made meatballs. They said it was good - not sure if they were being nice or it really was good. I am not much of a cook.  I don't have a picture of this because they are all on Marty's phone.

Stuff happened in between Christmas and New Years, but nothing of note since I can't remember. I was sort of sick that entire time - no flu or anything just cold/underweather very tired sick. Also, I keep seeing people talking about getting the flu but they're better 24 hours later -- that's not the flu, people.  The flu lasts a long time, and even when you're over it, you're still really tired.  I always get a flu shot since it's free at work and I figure it's better than not getting a flu shot. Even though I realize a strain could come up that's not in the shot. I've had the flu once in my life and I NEVER want to get it again.

Anyways, we were lucky to score a babysitter for NYE which is a very hard thing to do. But honestly, if you are a babysitter this seems like the dream job. Logan was already asleep before she came over so she got paid to watch tv.  I was so glad she agreed to it, though, because my bff #1 (only because I met her first) was having a NYE party, then moving to Maryland.  I couldn't miss it and I couldn't dip out early which is the norm for us.

I've been getting in some consistent training over the past few weeks. Nothing earth shattering, but 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 3-4 runs a week.  Plus some TRX for strength training. I now have 2 races planned for the spring :  Sampson County Super Sprint and Belews Lake.

Logan had his 1 year checkup (even though he's almost 13 months). He weighs just over 21lbs so still not a big guy. His height is pretty standard, I think it was around 65-70%.  I got a good picture of his belly the other day - he is so funny with skinny arms and legs and a giant pot belly.

Also, I can see how some people may have to get rid of the family dog when they have a little one if the dog isn't totally nice. Logan can literally be all over Tassie but she doesn't have a mean bone in her body so it's totally fine. He'll walk up to her and try to stick his hands in her mouth and try and sit on her. When he pets her it is usually very gentle which is great. But she has so much patience with him. This picture was not staged.

And one more thing. GO IRISH!!! This has been a long time coming for us Notre Dame fans.


Steve said...

Notre Dame??? bleh. Always hated them... I do like their coach this year for the first time in forever though.

GVSU Nat'l Championship coach. Local small college here.

Anonymous said...

Well, what most people generically call stomach flu is really gastroentiritis. But, yeah, I've been wiped out and sick like since getting "the flu" - even after I stopped throwing up and passing out.