Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Logan on the move

A little over a week ago, Logan took his first steps by himself. Marty was squatting down and Logan had a hold of his knee, then let go and took two very wobbly baby steps into daddy. We were all there to witness and it was pretty exciting :)

Over the following week, he became braver about letting go of the couch and trying to walk to the ottoman (which is very close by) and then this past weekend he started taking many steps in a row. Crawling is still his preferred method since it's way easier and faster, but if he's standing up he'll try and walk.

One thing he is still doesn't have much of is teeth! He cut his bottom two teeth right at 6 months old and it kind of looks like at least one of his top teeth is about to poke through, but that's it. Still okay with me because that means less brushing and a very cute gummy smile.

He smiles and laughs a lot and is pretty easy going whenever we take him anywhere. He does seem to have a strong personality and will let you know if he objects to something. Like changing him into his pajama's. I have no idea why he hates this so much. The second you pick him back it's as if nothing was wrong.

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