Monday, November 5, 2012

Walking Problems

The problem with walking when you're a baby is you fall down a lot. And you brake your fall with your face. Case in point:

He tripped at daycare and landed on the side of a little bookshelf. I'd say we are averaging 1 accident report a week right now. We went to the nearest Urgent Care and they glued and taped him up.

I'm just wondering if the scar is going to cause him to look like Vanilla Ice when his eyebrows come in.

Yo, VIP! Let's kick it!
 In other news, I got a new Ipod! My original Ipod (to be clear, this was actually 'Our' Ipod, but I totally appropriated it. Kind of like I did with the Kindle. I am the youngest, whaddya want.) was 7 years old, totally full and finally bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. It was really annoying to have to delete songs off when I wanted a new song. Anyways, I received a brand new one in the mail, with a note that read: "I am not always not listening. love Marty" And it wasn't even my birthday!

In other, other news, I ran a 10K yesterday morning that was part of the Raleigh City Oaks Marathon and 1/2 Marathon. As expected, I felt not all that great after coming off of whatever the heck I had last week. But, I did go much faster than I was really expecting, particularly considering the course was up and down and up and down. Actually, the first 2 miles were mostly down so those splits were fast and easy, then the ups killed me and I'm pretty sure each mile got slower and slower which is very atypical with how I usually race. Since all the fast people do the 1/2 or full (there is some $$), I ended up winning the 10K. They start all races together and I certainly felt weird 'winning' since there were several girls ahead of me -- running much further than I was!  Bottom line, I have some serious cramming to do if I want to feel good during the Kiawah 1/2 marathon. Because right now I am not strong at all.

But it was a fun morning - I got some good Kari time, which I haven't had very much of recently, and we knew a bunch of people from the group we often do our track workouts with who were all running.

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Angela and David said...

That average only goes up as little boys get older. From ages 2-3 I think I got a call every single day with an injury report on Zach. Boys.