Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Holiday

Things that didn’t happen over the Thanksgiving holiday

  • Ran in a turkey trot
  • Avoided catching Shana’s cold she brought with her to NYC last weekend
  • Yelled ‘Roll Tide!’
  • Ridiculously satisfied with the much too short Harry Potter movie
  • Yelled ‘It’s great, to be, a Florida Gator!’

Okay, I’m confusing myself. Here's the real breakdown.

Tassie and I watched Marty (and several hundred other runners) run the Inside Out Sports Turkey Trot 8k. I’m on a self-imposed (really, Shana-imposed) running hiatus to let my calf properly heal. This running-calf hurting-taking a few days off-running-feeling great-running-calf hurting-taking a few days off was just not cutting it. I got a massage last week and he said I definitely did something to my soleus, but it’s really not that bad, it’s just hard to get the blood flowing that deep.

I also caught a bit of a head cold which was more annoying than anything. I hate feeling ‘off’ like you do when you’re a bit sick. Super Marty was not immune and the princess is now suffering.

As my friend Kari said on my facebook status – thank god for second half’s! All I have to say is War. Damn. Eagle.

We went and saw the ‘almost the final Harry Potter movie.’ Marty’s review is much more eloquent than what I could do. I think we’re both just annoyed with it now but are too invested to not go see the final movie. No hot vampires in this one :( Speaking of hot vampires, actually totally not speaking of hot vampires, more like speaking of why does Bri like to read kid’s books – I read the Hunger Game’s trilogy. Very good! At least the first two books. I didn’t really care for the third.

And what can I say? The FSU whooping of Florida made my heart go pitter patter.


Heather said...

Is the Hunger Game trilogy something that I need to get Haileigh? She has reread the Harry Potter series four times and the Twilight series just as many (if not more). I need something new for her to read!

Angela said...

uh go Gators

LZ said...

I am yelled its great to be a Florida Gator and then are happy FSU won?? :)

I am reading Eat Pray Love and am about 2/3rd through and I really like it. There is my only book recommendation from all the books I have read over the last 6 months! :)

Angela and David said...

It's a rough time to be a Gator fan. Thankfully I didn't actually go there, just my family so I can be a bit more fair weather. But I did go to Vandy, and we never ever win so I'm used to losing in the SEC.

And I hear you on the calf pain. It's annoying as hell. Hope you are healed.

Kelly said...

Hunger Games was awesome. That is all I had to say.