Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picture Page!

Saturday night the Victorious Secret Doughman team reunited for a farewell party for one of our members, Brooke. Her and her husband are moving to Boulder in a couple of weeks and we're really going to miss them. Don't worry, Brooke is going to fly back in May for the 2011 race.

Sunday, Kari and her husband graciously came over to take family pictures for us. Marty put some of the good one's up on his blog. I'll put up some of the not so good ones. It's actually sort of hard to get your dog to look at the camera - there was a lot of "Tassie! Look here!" shouted from Kari and Bobby. Even so, I was surprised at how many she did look at the camera. Here are some of the others:

Tassie, look right.

Now look left.

Now look right again.

Tassie, sit on my knee and look chagrinned.

Tassie, sit. No, not that way!


Tassie, stick your nose in the air.


Tassie, do something funny with your tongue.

Marty, look at Bri lovingly :)


Beth said...

Love the family photos!! And I'm laughing now because I was just trying to take a picture of Roxy and it required about 10 minutes of "Roxy, look here!...Roxy!...Roxy, I have a treat!... ;)

Anonymous said...

The pics turned out great and I thought Tassie was posing just like a statue. I also thought whoa she might go after a squirrel or duck but she was wonderful! Mom

Kim said...

Those are so pretty! I love the fall and the weather was so perfect that day! I like the Tassie "Do this" part too.. um yeah.. dogs aren't on the same page!! You got some really great ones though!