Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Some Stuff

You know what’s really hard? A 200 yard all out in the pool. That’s what Marty had us do in the middle of Master’s practice on Friday (our time was then used to figure out our interval for groups of 100’s). I don’t think I’ve ever done a 200 yard like that so…..PR! He had us do them in heats (from a push) so it was sort of like a swim meet. I think I was still breathing hard 10 minutes later.

Saturday I went with Marty to Kernersville where the NC high school state cross country championships was held. It was a chilly, sunny day (perfect for running!) and it was fun to watch the different races. But wow, I don’t think any of these kids know how to pace themselves! They all go out WAY too fast, which I guess is all right since they all die the same death and there’s not a whole lot of place changing going on, but I would love to see some kid who goes out with even splits and just mow through the field the back half of the race. I know I used to do the same thing in high school, but I only ran 2 miles for cross country so it was a little easier to handle.

On our way back home from the race, we stopped in Carrboro (right next to UNC) to watch the 2nd half of the UNC v FSU game. Oh ugh. FS – Who? Because I want to talk about MY Alma Mater – UCF!! Who, for the first time is ranked in the BCS top 25! And in the USA Today Coaches Poll they are ranked right ahead of those super annoying Gators! Go Knights!

Today is Marty’s birthday. I couldn’t help myself and gave him two of his presents yesterday (The Resident Evil Trilogy – he proceeded to watch all of them yesterday) and a Zombie Apocalypse T-Shirt. Marty likes Zombies.

My calf tightened back up again last week so no running for me for awhile. Bah.


Kim said...

A 200 all out IS hard -I'm with you! Happy B day to Marty (belated!!).

Steve said...

I love just some stuff blog entries. Those are the best.

What the heck is with the zombie thing? The zombie referrals always crack me up, on your better half's blog. :)

better half is just a slang term, not passing judgment. ;)

Anonymous said...

bri, whassup w/all that gator-hate?