Monday, November 22, 2010

Trip to NYC

I left after work on Thursday to fly to NYC and meet up with my sister and mom. We all live in different cities but tried to land around the same times so we could go to the hotel together. I was really surprised at how not crowded La Guardia airport was when I flew in. I even ended up in a long hallway completely by myself which was honestly kind of creepy. Where is everyone?! Anyways, we all made it in and to our hotel in midtown without any problems.

Friday we walked around, did a little shopping, then had a nice dinner to celebrate my mom's birthday.

My sis and I at Central Park.

The leaves still had some color left!

Stopping for some cupcakes across from Rockefeller Center.

Saturday morning, Shana and I did some overpriced ice skating at Rockefeller before watching football.

Then it was back to the hotel room to get ready for the Notre Dame/Army game at the new Yankee Stadium. It was going to be a cold night, but it wasn't that bad at all, really. The subway ride over to the stadium was interesting - I don't think I've ever been that smooshed except for the subway leaving Oktoberfest in Munich! Packed to the gills with Army and Notre Dame fans (mostly Notre Dame fans) with some good natured ribbing along the way. Mostly, it was the Army fans yelling things: "Get over Rudy already!" and "Go USA! Go Army! Notre Dame hates America!" Even though we were up high, our seats were really good, and it was a great game with Notre Dame taking control right from the start. Yankee Stadium is also super nice.

Waiting for the subway. My hat is very old but I love it. Plus, retro is in style, right?

At the game.

Coming back on the subway I had to sit next to this guy, who I'm pretty sure was homeless and just riding/sleeping on the subway to stay warm. Poor fellow.

I got back home last night (direct flight from RDU to NYC is short and easy). I really like New York City, kind of feel like if I was younger I may have wanted to live there for a few years and get the whole big city life.


Anonymous said...

gosh, living in manhattan (gramercy) when we were in our 20s was amazing! nicole was born at NYU and lived in our 250 sf loft's closet for the first 6 months of her life.

did you see my cousins at the game? they all graduated from nd.

Steve said...

great update. :)

Beth said...

FUN weekend! You and your sister and mom are too cute! :)

GoBigGreen said...

Wait, did you go to ND? My husband is a total "wish i was an ALUM" his daughter went there, and its all about ND in our house even tho i am like" Um you didnt go there!" !
Sounds like a fun weekend!
Happy Thanksgiving!
PS you trusted Mayhew with Tassie while you were gone? really? :)