Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted

I went and voted today. Walking in, I shook hands with a judge who was hoping to be re-elected (eh, I don’t know anything about the judges, but sure I’ll vote for you). I was also handed a list of who to vote for from the Republicans and the Democrats. Everyone was all smiles.

Then I walked inside to the row of tables filled with several nice older ladies who were in charge of looking up people’s names. First off, I’m so surprised that all you have to do is walk up and tell them your name and address and you’re good to go. No ID, no proof of identification…I mean for USAT you have to show your USAT card and your license and that’s just for a little race. I would’ve thought for something as important as an election it would at least warrant a picture ID. (I know, I know, it probably has to do with insurance and liability and suing if you get hurt at the race). This isn’t the first time I’ve voted, but in Orlando I could’ve sworn we had to show our voter registration card or something. Here we never have to show anything.

Anyways, I walk up to the F – L line and already know what will happen, but I roll with it since these ladies are so nice. One of them already told me she loved my necklace (Tiffany heart necklace – bought by Marty a couple of years ago when he was obviously going through a bout of insanity and was not his usual fiscal conservative self). Had to throw in a little political jargon :)

Me: Last name is Gaal. G – A – A – L.
Nice old lady: Oh my, hmmmmm.
Me: G – A – A , two A’s…
Nice old lady: Oh, I thought you said Hall! G – A – L
Me: No, it’s two A’s, it’s probably the very first G.
Nice old lady: Hmmmmm
Me: (pointing to my name at the top of the list) It’s actually right here.
Nice old lady: Oh! There you are, dear.

She then proceeds to fold the paper slightly so I can’t see it. Really, I still can and I could see it before but this is security at its best apparently.

Nice old lady: What’s your first name, dear?
Me: Brianne
Nice old lady: What’s your middle name, dear?
Me: Hayley
Nice old lady: Brianne Hayley! That is such a lovely name. And you look like a Brianne! A lot of people don’t look like their names but you look like a Brianne.
Other nice old lady: (murmuring) Such a pretty name.
Me: (smiling, how can you not love these people?!)Thank you!
Nice old lady: What’s your address, Brianne?

I got to vote after that. I really did vote for that judge.


Beth said...

They don't ask for ID where we vote either!!! It's crazy! And it surprises me every time. Also, little old ladies run our voting place too. But I only had so spell my name once for them. :)

Anonymous said...

Vote absentee...

Kim said...

I didn't vote.. I stink. I know.. I just hate those ads so much that I didn't vote at all..

That was sweet though with that lady. Think about it.. they probably do it just so they can get out and talk to people!