Sunday, February 15, 2009


Someone's status on facebook yesterday said, "Happy VD! Hope everyone has a great one!" I think it might have been hastily written...but hopefully everyone did have a great Valentine's Day! I bought Marty some tasty brew which turned his stomach into a poison gas machine. To say it smelled bad would be a compliment. He bought me a mountain bike!

Well, actually, he bought me 37.5% of a mountain bike. The rest of it was contributed by Kathy Larkin (nicest lady in the world). And although the mountain bike is really sweet, I would much rather have had her at the camp next week instead.

It's used, but in great condition and since it's a Litespeed, it's going to last forever. We rode yesterday down the greenway into Umstead, then did the Turkey Creek loop and back home and I couldn't believe the difference! This thing may be lighter than my tri bike! But to be fair, I'm comparing it to my old mountain bike which was really just a cruiser bike pretending to look like a mountain bike. It was 15 years old and didn't even have clipless pedals. Marty almost threw his back out trying to put it on our roof rack last time because it's so heavy.

The 'new' mountain bike came with speed play pedals, and I've only ever used Look so these are taking me a bit to get used to. Even with the back brake rubbing the whole second half of the ride, I was able to keep up with Marty which was something that never happened before.

Today we had a nice ride to Chapel Hill and back with Alysia on our tri bikes. It was a bit chilly but the sun was shining and there were tons of cyclists out. 'Tis the season. Marty is feeling better on the bike and was cruising along while the two of us sucked his wheel mightily. It's good when he gets motivated because it forces me to go so much faster.


m said...

That "Happy VD" status cracks me up! I hope you gave them hell for that.

Beth said...

Great new bike Bri!! Awesome gift. :)