Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beautiful Weather

The weather this weekend sure did help my not-so-sunny outlook from this past week. How can I feel sad when it's sunny and 70 degrees out? We rode in shorts and shortsleeve jerseys today - it was fantastic. January had been quite a cold month, so it's been nice to have a reprieve for a few days. Even tomorrow it will be in the mid-60's...nice.

It also helped that my mom came into town and we hosted an engagement party for my sister and her fiance last night. The cake was awesome, and Shana was nice enough to let me keep some leftovers. Which I'm eating right now, directly from the tupperware that it's in. Why dirty another dish?

Tassie definitely worked the room last night and got all sorts of love and treats. She's not as dumb as she looks ;)

Training is going pretty good. I am by no means anywhere near fast, but I'm putting in some good hours and my body is tired which is how it should be right now.

So that's about it. I'm getting ready to pack it in for the night, catch up on some Office episodes, and then hit the bed. Master's calls early in the morning.

And just so this post isn't SO boring, here are a few pictures from last night, stolen from my mom's facebook.

The delicious cake - yellow cake with chocolate frosting. My fave.

My sister Shana, and me. I know it's hard to tell, but no, we're not twins.

Shana, Scott and yours truly.


m said...

I love the Office! I have to catch up on some episodes too.

Glad to hear things are going a little better.

Angela said...

nothing like a little bit of sun to warm the spirit.

Beth said...

Glad the sun and warmth cheering you up a little!! And that cake looks gooooood! I love cake. Really love cake. ;) Have a great week Bri!