Monday, February 9, 2009

My Friend is Awesome

My friend Alysia, is amazing. Not only does she have a PhD in Genetics & Microbiology (really big brain), she finished 2nd overall at the Krispy Kreme challenge this past Saturday. For those of you who have never heard of this, here’s the deal:

1) Run 2 miles from the N.C. State belltower to the Krispy Kreme on Peace St. in Raleigh.
2) Eat one dozen doughnuts
3) Run 2 miles back to the belltower.
4) Do all of this in under one hour

It started back in 2004 with just 12 runners, and now has more than 4,000 participants (edit: 5,519 participants this year)! The event raised $35,000 for the NC Children’s Hospital.

Alysia said there was some confusion, especially with the girls, because not everyone eats all 12 doughnuts, so she didn’t even know she was 2nd until results were posted online. They do have a doughnut split, but there are so many people you really just have to trust people if they say they ate all of them. She definitely ate all 12, here are her stats:

1st 2 miles: 13:44 (6:52 pace, she said she took it pretty relaxed so she didn’t get to the doughnut station all out of breath)

Doughnut split: 10:44 (yes, that’s right, she ate 12 doughnuts in under 11min!)

2nd 2 miles: 15:30 (7:45 pace – mostly uphill and she said anytime she tried to run faster she started to feel those doughnuts coming back up!)

Here’s a funny FAQ on the website:

Am I allowed to throw up?
Okay, we can’t technically stop you from throwing up, and quite frankly,that’s just part of the race, but don’t MAKE yourself throw up. The real challenge is to keep all 12 down, so don’t cheat yourself.

Here’s Alysia last year practicing for the challenge at the NC State Fair eating a fried cheeseburger. Yuck. That’s her husband Jimmy on the right – the Krispy Kreme Challenge was his first race ever! And he successfully completed the entire event in under an hour (which is the cutoff for the competitive race). And Marty is on the left, apparently too grossed out to keep his eyes open.


ojs said...

I'm so jealous! I have to find a Krispy Kreme race to enter--that's awesome!

m said...

I would do awesome at that race!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Thanks for posting about Alysia. She rocks! Scott and I know her from the UNC genetics program and we used to live in the same apt complex. She is a super athlete with such an awesome attitude about racing.