Thursday, February 12, 2009

Random Musings

What is with the new thumbs up on everyone’s facebook status? I have enough trouble coming up something clever without worrying about if anyone is going to give me a thumbs up.

Sometimes I comment on people’s blog that I’ve never met. I know this is not unusual, but I get weirded out if I never hear from them. I assume they don’t like me and consider me a stalker. So then I never comment again.

I’m wearing a skirt my mom bought for me for Christmas in 2001. It fits fine but it sits at my belly button! Did I really wear things this high? It’s seems very awkward and uncomfortable to me.

I hate that no matter what time I go to bed, when the alarm goes off at 5:10am I feel so tired. I swear, I could’ve just gotten 12 hours of sleep but if it goes off that early I still think I need more.

Along those lines, it cracks me up when Tassie sleeps downstairs and just stares at me without lifting her head when we get up that early. She even seems to think it’s crazy.

The guy working the grill at our cafeteria today told me I looked beautiful today. English is his second language and I’m not sure he realizes that this could be deemed inappropriate by HR.

I really, really wish I could find a track I could do some workouts on. Most seem to be under lock and key and make you feel like you are going to get arrested for trespassing. Don’t my taxes fund schools? I haven’t done a track workout in 2 years now!

I like watching House Hunters on HGTV but do they really have to recap each house after every commercial break? I find this very annoying. Luckily, I usually watch the ones you can download on your tv and just skip through the recaps. This only makes the show about 15 minutes long, though.


Angela said...

wow, you doing alright over there lady....very random today.

I'm addicted to HGTV.

Beth said...

I like random blog postings!! :)

m said...

I have the same feeling about tracks. Luckily, there is a wide gap between the fence and the wall at the track, so as long as I don't gain 150lbs, I should be good to go for the track. Although, my taxes don't fund THAT track. They do fund another one.

I have that stalker feeling sometimes too. Not very often, but sometimes. And sometimes I feel stalked.

Andrew said...

Locks are no excuse... jump the fence!

Jennifer Harrison said...

I like random posts too - we have the SAME problem w/ our tracks - and I pay alot of $in taxes for these tracks! We have even had the cops called - in my little town. I told the cop absolutely NO WAY I am getting off the track and that went over very well. Hope you find a track.